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This annoying print preview issue is being fixed by Google Docs

It’s now easier to discern between non-printing characters like spaces, tabs, and breaks in Google Docs’s editing interface.

Markers for line, paragraph, section, page, and column breaks have been added to Google Docs and can be toggled on from the View menu in the document view. This new feature was announced in a post on the Google Workspace Updates blog and is accessible now.

Everyone with a Google account, even those who use Google Workspace or older versions of G Suite, may use the new tool.

The evolution of Google Docs

While the ability to add marks for characters that aren’t written on the page may seem like a no-brainer, users had previously needed to instal third-party extensions like “Show” to do this.

This post is being written in Google Docs on my Google Workspace account; however, the option to “display non-printing characters” is not yet available to me in any of these environments. This is also the case on my personal Google account.

According to Google, this is a regular procedure. The technology giant said that enterprises engaged in its Rapid Release track for feature rollouts should anticipate a gradual rollout beginning January 9, 2023, and that organisations enrolled in its Scheduled Release track can expect a gradual deployment beginning January 23, 2023.

Some users may not mind the wait, but others who, like me, use Google’s free word processor to write articles with embedded links and like to have those links formatted without extra spaces would be dissatisfied.