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The Android and iOS app stores are filled with fake ChatGPT applications

Countless films demonstrating what ChatGPT is capable of have been posted on social media in recent months.

Released as a free research preview at year’s end 2022, ChatGPT was developed by OpenAI.

While this is only available via the company’s website, experts have cautioned that fraudsters have been turning ChatGPT into a mobile app with a user-friendly design. However, many of these unauthorised applications have serious flaws.

ChatGPT imposter applications

Following a fast search for “GPT” on the iOS App Store, we found just one app, an advertisement, at the top of the results. While the service claims to be supported by OpenAI’s free GTP-3 technology, it charges a monthly membership fee of £7.99 to have “monthly full access” to what is, in essence, a free service.

One additional app farther down the list has over 900 reviews and an average rating of 4.7 stars. Also using GPT-3, it has freemium, pro, and premium tiers (the latter of which will set you back £12.99 monthly). A comparable software with a similar 4.5-star rating and premium membership options was discovered on the Google Play Store (across nearly 300 reviews).

Aside from applications that claim to be based on the GPT technology itself, it also stated that another software “[gave] the impression that is the official app for the ChatGPT bot, but seems to have no relationship to Open AI, the inventors of ChatGPT, or the bot itself.”