The Ubuntu Linux 22.04 Developer Edition for the Dell XPS 13 will be available shortly

As soon as the Dell XPS 13 initially rolled out of the factory, I fell in love with it. Since then, Dell has announced that the current XPS 13 Plus Developer Edition would be shipping with Ubuntu 22.04 Long Term Support shortly after that (LTS). I’m very excited. The first one will come on the 23rd of August.

This certifies Canonical and Dell as official Ubuntu 22.04 LTS partners. So if you currently have a current XPS 13 Plus, you can just install Ubuntu 22.04 and get the same hardware-optimized experience that will come with the new Developer Edition.

There’s also a step-by-step guide on installing Ubuntu Linux.

This certification signifies that all of XPS’s components have been thoroughly tested to ensure the greatest possible user experience when it comes out of the box. XPS LTS versions, on which Ubuntu-certified devices are built, ensure that they will continue to get security upgrades for up to ten years. As such, if you have an XPS 13 that came pre-installed with Ubuntu, it is still supported today.

Every day, hundreds of Ubuntu-certified devices are put through their paces in the certification lab. These tests look at the most important parts of the hardware and how they work. In this way, gadgets are guaranteed to function properly not just now, but for the rest of their useful lives as well.

Depending on the device, additional software or drivers may be included with the certified version. As indicated in a meta-package, the best configuration of packages, drivers, and kernel is automatically installed for optimum device functionality.

The factory photos are a result of these alterations. Dell, for example, incorporates them into its workstations. Even if you install Ubuntu yourself, your certified devices will get the relevant meta-package because it’s upstreamed to the mainline distribution.

Dell and Canonical have been at it for a very long time now. Project Sputnik has a formal successor in the Dell Developer Editions of today. Ten years ago, a project to pre-install Ubuntu on top-of-the-line Dell computers began. These were planned and created with the input of programmers in mind.

According to Jaewook Woo, Dell’s Linux product manager:

“XPS is an innovation portal for Dell – from its application of cutting-edge technology to experimentation of new user interfaces and experiential design. By bringing the enhanced performance and power management features of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS to our most advanced premium laptop, Dell and Canonical reinforce our joint commitment to continue delivering the best computing experience for developers using Ubuntu.

If earlier designs are any indication, which I highly doubt because I haven’t yet had the pleasure of holding one in my hands, this should be an exceptional Linux notebook.

In terms of specs, the Dell XPS Plus Developer Edition is going to be an outstanding machine. Powered by a 12-generation Intel i5 1240P CPU that can reach 4.4GHz, the basic configuration is equipped with a 128GB SSD. Intel Iris Xe Visuals are used for the graphics of this device. The 13.4-inch 1920×1200 60Hz monitor is supported by this. It has a 512GB solid-state drive for storage. The retail price is $1,389.