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The new iMac’s chin was torn off by someone

Do you recall when speculation about the new iMac first began? Someone, at least, has stayed true to the most desirable rumours of the moment and created that iMac.

The rumour mill went into overdrive last year with speculation about what features the rumoured revamped iMac would include. Everyone was anticipating Apple to unveil a whole new iMac in light of the company’s recent design shifts inspired by the creative flexibility afforded by its M-series Apple silicon CPUs for the Mac.

Others hoped that Apple would finally do rid of the chin, a nickname given to the company’s all-in-one desktop that has been around despite sensible improvements like a thinner design and quicker speed. It was widely anticipated that Apple will eliminate the chin at the bottom of the iMac’s display in favour of an all-screen front panel.

Apple, however, did not take this action. While the Apple logo has been removed from the new iMac’s front bezel, the chin remains. At least one set of engineers is dissatisfied with it.

That chin was completely torn off

An all-screen iMac, which some had hoped for when the new iMac was still speculated, has been brought to life in a tweet by Twitter user DuanRui.

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The team reproduced Apple’s iMac’s complete launch film, except this time using the new design that features a bulging rear to make room for a full-screen display.

It’s quite a marvel that the customised iMac still looks to be functional. Most iMac owners are OK with the chin still being present on the latest desktop computer model, but those who were waiting for the introduction of a revamped iMac Pro might take comfort in the knowledge that such a device is technically feasible.