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The Motorola Edge 30 Fusion special edition will be available in the US in a new colour

Motorola’s latest limited-edition smartphone, the Edge 30 Fusion, is coming to the United States. The special edition phone is being released in a brand-new colour just in time for its launch in North America.

Pantone 18-1750 Viva Magenta is the Pantone Color Institute’s Color of the Year for 2018. In a press release, Motorola and the Institute revealed that they had collaborated on the development of a Viva Magenta edition of the Motorola Edge 30 Fusion for sale in the United States.

The original Motorola Edge 30 Fusion, which was released in a limited number of European and Latin American countries, is a hybrid device that offers features of both a mid-range and a luxury smartphone. In addition to a 6.55-inch pOLED 144Hz display and a Snapdragon 888 Plus 5G CPU, the phone also has a 50-megapixel camera with optical image stabilisation. The only difference between the regular and the special edition is the colour scheme.

Motorola also announced that its new Pantone 19-2118 Winetasting Moto Buds 600 wireless headphones with active noise cancellation will be included in the limited edition. When contrasted to Viva Magenta, Winetasting is more of a dark pink, almost purple shade. According to the manufacturer, this shade was chosen so as to “create a stunning duo and new wardrobe essential” with the Pantone Color of the Year 2023 and the limited edition Motorola Edge 30 Fusion.

When it comes in the United States on December 12, Motorola claims the Motorola Edge 30 Fusion with the Moto Buds 600 will retail for $799.99. It will be offered only via Motorola’s online store and will be a GSM unlocked smartphone that works with both AT&T and T-Mobile. Motorola is also planning to offer the smartphone in a Lazuli Blue colour option for $699.99.