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The Twitter account used to track Elon Musk’s flights, Elon Jet, has been indefinitely suspended

Tracking Elon Musk’s private plane by publicly available data via the Twitter handle @ElonJet has been permanently suspended from the social media platform.

Musk tweeted on November 6 that he would not ban the account following his plane for fear of violating his right to free speech. It appears that Musk has altered his mind in the past month.

The UCF student who built @ElonJet, Jack Sweeney, also runs bots that monitor the flights of other internet moguls like Mark Zuckerberg on their private jets. However, Sweeney’s other accounts, including one that follows Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal Musk’s travels, have not been compromised.

Having the account has long been a source of irritation for Musk. Musk direct messaged (DM) Sweeney on Twitter in January, offering the student $5,000 to remove @ElonJet. Sweeney declined the offer.

Is there a chance of bumping that up to $50,000? Sweeney answered that the money would be helpful for college and that he might be able to use it to buy a car, perhaps even a Model3, according to direct messages acquired by Protocol at the time.

Sweeney would have to find the money herself since Musk would not be footing the bill.

Sweeney claims that Twitter has been keeping a close eye on @ElonJet. On December 2, an unnamed Twitter employee informed him that his account was private, and he announced the news on his personal account. Sweeney also shared what seems to be an internal Twitter chat log showing Twitter VP of Trust and Safety Ella Irwin requesting high-visibility filters be applied immediately to the account @ElonJet. TechCrunch sent Irwin an email to verify the authenticity of the message.