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Sports Illustrated Publisher Uses AI to Generate Fitness Advice

In the sake of efficiency, another another big publisher is turning to AI story generators.

Media conglomerate Arena Group Holdings, publisher of such titles as Sports Illustrated, TheStreet, Parade, and Men’s Journal, has announced collaboration with AI language companies Jasper and Nota to accelerate and expand “its AI-assisted activities.” For example, the corporation may use archive data to train a computer language model, which would then produce articles for human editors to review.

This article is a curation of expert advice from Men’s Fitness, using deep-learning tools for retrieval combined with OpenAI’s large language model for various stages of the workflow. This article was reviewed and fact-checked by our editorial team.

Although terms like “curation,” “professional guidance,” and “examined and fact-checked” are included in the disclaimer in an effort to comfort readers, it should be noted that this hybrid writing strategy is not foolproof. This month it came to light that CNET, under pressure from new owners Red Ventures to find cost-cutting measures, has been secretly posting AI-generated stories. Yet, after receiving criticism for inadequate disclosure, Red Ventures reviewed these articles and discovered that over half of them had mistakes and needed to be corrected. Reason being, many AI language tools tend to provide erroneous data that seems reasonable at first glance. To quote CS professor Arvind Narayanan: “ChatGPT is a bullshit generator.”

Rather of replacing journalists, Arena Group says it plans to utilise AI to generate “business value for our brands and partners” (to quote CEO Ross Levinsohn). The announcement was announced in a press release in which the firm claimed that “workflow efficiencies by more than 10 times the average rate” were achieved thanks to the use of AI.

Last week, it was reported that by 2023, BuzzFeed will begin using artificial intelligence to aid in the creation of additional content, such as quizzes. The stock price of the firm skyrocketed in response, although it has already retraced some of its gains. Arena Group Holdings had its share price increase as well (from $8.82 yesterday to $9.14 at the time of writing) on the announcement of its AI news, but it is still somewhat below its share price at the end of January.

Will it be possible to produce more work using AI? Arena Group’s Levinsohn said as much to The Wall Street Journal. “Probably, since you’ll have more time,” he said. He said, though: “It’s not about ‘pump out AI stuff and do as much as you can.’ More is not better; quality is better, and Google will punish you for it.