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The Open Invention Network welcomes Amazon

To put it simply, patent trolls are a nightmare for businesses of all sizes. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Amazon and AWS have joined the Open Invention Network (OIN), the largest patent non-aggression group in the world.

Since its inception, OIN has acted as a shield for Linux and other Linux-related software against patent warfare from competitors. Companies have been increasingly targeted by patent trolls, and the OIN is there to protect them.

For Amazon, this is the next logical step. Amazon has a rigorous policy against patent infringement, and customers who participate in this conduct risk having their listings removed or accounts terminated. The company relies on Linux and open-source software for its retail and cloud services. However, Amazon has also been sued for patent breaches, just like every other major corporation. Participating in the OIN is a logical step for every company.

CEO of OIN Keith Bergelt explains: “Innovations in fields as diverse as retail and e-commerce, cloud computing, and the entertainment industry have all been based on Linux and other open source initiatives. We applaud Amazon’s policy of non-aggression regarding patents in the Linux kernel and related open-source software.”

Director of Amazon’s Open Source Program Office Nithya Ruff elaborated:

Linux and open source are essential to many of our customers and a key driver of innovation across Amazon. We are proud to support a broad range of open-source projects, foundations, and partners, and we are committed to the long-term success and sustainability of open source as a whole. By joining OIN, we are continuing to strengthen open source communities and helping to ensure technologies like Linux remain thriving and accessible to everyone.

Through royalty-free cross-licensing of Linux System patents, the OIN community demonstrates patent non-aggression in the Linux kernel and related open-source technologies. Any company that agrees not to sue the Linux Foundation over OIN patents receives a royalty-free licence to use those patents. When joining OIN, businesses must pledge their support for OIN’s open patents. You can become a member by completing the online membership form and agreeing to the OIN licencing terms and conditions.