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Continuous scrolling is coming to desktop search thanks to Google

Some users of Google’s desktop search results page now have access to “continuous scrolling.”

Now, visitors may see as much as six pages’ worth of results before being given a “More” button at the bottom of a search results page.

This change comes after Google implemented a similar function for mobile devices in October 2022, although those devices were limited to viewing only the first four pages of search results.

Whence came to the decision to relocate?

This makes Google Search more like Instagram and Facebook, two of the most popular social media applications, which allow users to scroll down for extended periods of time without being prompted to load a new page.

Google has said in a recent blog that “most consumers who seek extra information prefer to read up to four pages of search results,” providing some background for the modification.

When this functionality would be available in other countries was not specified by Google.

Not likely to be the last time we see major Google search engine improvements in the foreseeable future.

The search engine giant has big ambitions to revamp its interface in the near future.

Search on Google At the event, Google’s VP of Engineering Rajan Patel detailed the company’s ambitions to more tightly integrate video and image results into search results.

A representative for the company said that the new plans will “arrange results to better reflect the way individuals study issues.”