Support for the Ring Video Doorbell is Coming to Pixel’s At a Glance Very Soon

There will soon be support for Ring video doorbells built into the At a Glance feature of Google Pixel smartphones, according to code that was found in an upgraded version of Android System Intelligence. At the moment, At a Glance only supports video doorbells manufactured by Nest; but, with this update, it appears that Google is making room for doorbells manufactured by Amazon. Get it?

It would appear that Google is putting a lot of effort into developing the At a Glance feature that will be available on Pixel smartphones. Recent research has shown that the At a Glance feature will also be able to keep track of the latest status of ridesharing and food delivery services. It is without a doubt becoming into something more than a simple widget for the date and the weather for us.

There is no way for us to know for certain when Google plans to give the go-ahead for Ring video functionality, but given that code has been found, it is reasonable to predict that it might happen very soon.