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Somalytics sleep tracking nanotech can help you keep track of your zzzs at night

Few people are obtaining the recommended amount of sleep each night. You may see for yourself by checking out the drive-through queue at the Starbucks near you around 6 o’clock in the morning. Using the SomaSleep sleep mask, Somalytics hopes to help you get control of your sleep. The new wearable sleep-tracking device was unveiled by the business at CES Unveiled.

Here at Android Authority, we’re no strangers to sleep monitors, and we’ve become rather accustomed to gadgets reminding us that we’re not getting enough shut-eye. The SomaSleep, however, is bringing something novel to the bedroom, in contrast to other wearables that use data like heart rate or body temperature. The nano-based capacitive sensors in the novel sleep mask track eye movement as the wearer sleeps. This involves monitoring both slow and fast eye movement to classify different phases of sleep.

The SomaSleep is able to detect different stages of sleep because it monitors fast eye movement.

This method of sleep monitoring removes potential barriers like skin tone. Additionally, it yields results that are on par with those obtained in specialised sleep clinics. The end product is an instrument that might be useful in the assessment of health issues including sleep disorders and concussions by tracking changes in sleep patterns. As stated by Somalytics, the gadget will be on sale for $199 by the end of 2023.

Somalytics’ flagship product, the SomaCap carbon-nanotube paper composite capacitive sensors, are central to the SomaSleep mask. These nano-based capacitive sensors are the world’s tiniest and most sensitive of their kind to the human body. Somalytics sensors offer promising future applications in the technology sector, from gesture control to fluid monitoring. The SomaSleep mask is equipped with 1mm sensors that track user activity. More applications for the sensors exist outside of the bed.