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What do you most anticipate happening in 2023?

We are already well into the new year, and there is plenty to anticipate. It may refer to a number of things in the tech industry, including the release of a whole new crop of smartphones and other gadgets, or it might indicate the arrival of a big operating system update and other new software features. What are you most looking forward to, between all that and the upcoming releases of new video games?

Already, we have seen the first instances of 2023 flagships with the release of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 in the middle of November. The Xiaomi 13 and OnePlus 11 have both been released in China with respectable specifications, and the latter is scheduled to hit international markets in early February. In addition, we can’t wait for the release of the Galaxy S23 on February 1. Even more phones from Motorola, OPPO, and other brands will be released this year, and we anticipate the release of many more foldable phones.

Tablets would also see significant growth this year. We don’t have a firm date, but early 2023 is when you may expect to see Google unveil their first Pixel Tablet. Meanwhile, OnePlus is reportedly getting ready to follow in OPPO’s footsteps and release a tablet. There has never been a better time to buy an Android tablet than now, as Google has made a lot of changes for the better over the last year.

With regards to software, Google is said to be sending out Android 14 betas through text message very soon. We don’t know much about what to anticipate from the software, but the initial developer previews should give us an indication. But we know that Android 14 will include support for satellite connection, and Qualcomm is aiming to deliver it to future handsets later this year via Snapdragon Satellite.

Qualcomm is also interested in the wearables market. The Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 processor for smartwatches was just unveiled by the business, and it seems like it will be a significant improvement for Wear OS 3 devices in 2023. While we had hoped to see the first devices with the chip by year’s end in 2022, that has not happened, so we may expect to see updated smartwatches during 2023.

Last but not least, this year will witness several exciting debuts in the gaming industry, both in terms of new software and hardware. Games like Horizon: Call of the Mountain and Beat Saber, among others, have been revealed for the PlayStation VR 2, which is set to release shortly. Star Wars: Jedi Survivor and Final Fantasy 16 are just two of the upcoming non-VR titles that will be available for the PS5. As a follow-up to the most advanced VR headset now available, the Quest3, might be released before the end of the year.