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Returning with new ransomware source code is LockBit

Researchers claim the notorious LockBit ransomware group has again modified the encryption algorithm.

It has been verified by many cybersecurity firms that LockBit is now using an encryptor known as LockBit Green, which researchers believe is based on the Conti ransomware source code that was disclosed in 2022.

All academics believe that LockBit 3.0 was perfectly enough, hence the reasons for the upgrade are currently conjectural. The death of the cybercrime organisation Conti may explain why many criminals have switched allegiances to LockBit and begun utilising code developed by the organization’s predecessors more confidently.

Code leaks

Whatever the cause, five verified deaths have occurred. We have no idea whether the ransom requirement has changed.

In the months preceding up to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Conti was one of the most often used forms of ransomware. In the early days of the conflict, however, the cybercrime organisation posted a statement on its website showing support for the Kremlin and warning that any groups attacking Russia’s infrastructure will be met with reprisal.

After then, the underground community turned against it, and one hacker released tens of thousands of messages and numerous versions of the Conti encryptor source code.

According to reports, Conti ceased operations in May 2022 and transitioned to a more decentralised structure in which a number of “smaller” entities worked independently.

One of the most troublesome and costly types of cybercrime is ransomware. Microsoft recently said that it is keeping tabs on over a hundred ransomware gangs, each of which employs over fifty unique ransomware strains to extract money from victims. Authorities urged victims not to pay the ransom, as doing so would not only not ensure the return of the data but would also encourage the criminals to launch more assaults.