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Pentium and Celeron CPUs are no longer manufactured, but Intel’s N-series could save inexpensive laptops

The next generation of affordable laptops will be powered by Intel’s Processor N-series, and the company announced it at CES 2023 in Las Vegas.

In the wake of Intel’s decision to discontinue the Pentium and Celeron brands late last year, these new processors will be found in budget-friendly machines like laptops and Chromebooks.

The new series, which has an Intel Core i3 processor, is marketed at students and anyone who might benefit from a device with little more power than the basic N-series models provide.

The new N-series, as claimed by Intel, improves performance by up to 28% and graphics performance by up to 64% over the previous generation, while the i3 CPU improves performance by an additional 42% and graphics performance by an additional 56%.

This might be great news for low-cost laptops

Chromebooks powered by the competing ARM architecture have long surpassed the claimed 10 hour battery life of their Intel Processor N-series-powered counterparts.

New efficient ‘Gracemont’ processors and support for LPDDR5, DDR5, and DDR4 memory are just a few of the improvements brought to computers by the new Intel CPUs.