Oculus Quest 2 customers in the UK may now enjoy Meta’s metaverse for the first time

Quest 2 VR headset customers in the UK will finally have access to Horizon Worlds beginning today – and an upgrade coming to the device this week will make socialising in VR much simpler for everyone.

You may now download and play Horizon Worlds, Meta’s developing metaverse platform, for free if you’re a Quest 2 player over the age of 18. They’ll join consumers currently receiving the service in the US and Canada.

Horizon Worlds, like other virtual reality social spaces like VR Chat, operates as an audio-based chatroom. Think Reddit crossed with Clubhouse or Discord.

Rather of sitting at your workstation however, you and the individuals you’re conversing with will be transferred to some far-off destination, whether it a cold hilltop, a beach island, or a simple treehouse.

Instead than searching for the perfect hangout location, consider creating your own. The possibilities are endless when it comes to enhancing your virtual reality experience.

This UK update represents the first big expansion for Horizon Worlds since its inception. Meta presumably thinks this inflow of new players will help its metaverse platform continue to grow and prosper, but we’ll have to wait and see how UK gamers respond to it.

Check back later this week when new members of our team have a chance to see Horizon Worlds firsthand.

The multiplayer feature of The Quest 2 has been added

Whether you’re in the UK or not, Meta will also be pushing out its v41 upgrade to all Quest 2 customers later this week.

Quest 2’s multi-player experience will be improved as disclosed by Mark Zuckerberg (Meta’s CEO) through his Facebook page. Friends will be able to meet up in the same virtual home setting that you initially boot into when you switch on your virtual reality headset.

Following your gathering, you will have access to several applications and video experiences, which you may share as a group. Alex Honnold, the subject of the Oscar-winning documentary Free Solo, joined Zuckerberg for his presentation, and the two watched Honnold’s 360-degree video The Soloist VR.

To Zuckerberg, Honnold discussed how he tackles free soloing, which involves climbing without the use of a rope, as well as how his film’s climbs relate to others that have previously been accomplished by him. This movie may not be suitable if you are terrified of heights in any way.

Probably additional applications and videos that enable group viewing will be revealed when the upgrade goes live. We’re hoping that Meta will continue to improve the Quest 2’s VR multiplayer capabilities in future releases.