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Now, Google Voice will alert you to annoying spam callers

A new feature that might help you block annoying calls is now available on Google Voice.

Incoming calls to Google Voice will soon display a warning if the number is known to be spam, as reported on the Google Workspace blog. Beginning today, the label “Suspected Spam Caller” will appear on the call screen directly under the related number, as well as in the call history. When this feature finally arrives in Voice, Google is also planning to provide some supplementary features for its customers.

Bear in mind that you may find this feature of the Google Voice app to be initially deactivated. To activate it, choose Filter from the list that appears when you go to Settings > Security. Whenever you do this, the app will inform you that any incoming calls that Google has identified as spam will be immediately sent to voicemail and recorded in the spam folder rather than in your usual call history log.

If you get a call from a number that Google has flagged as spam, you will be given the choice to “confirm” Google’s suspicions and block the number from calling you again. On the other hand, if a number has been incorrectly flagged as spam by Google, you may report it as “not spam” to have it removed from your call screen.

You can already label spam and scam callers as such in Google’s Phone app and have them automatically removed from your call log. It’s great that the firm is finally implementing this useful Voice function.

According to Google, “the same powerful AI that detects billions of spam calls each month throughout Google’s calling ecosystem” is used to reach this judgement.

The business released yet another useful update to Google Voice earlier this month, and many customers will likely be pleased to see it. The last update enhanced call quality by allowing for an instantaneous handoff between Wi-Fi and cellular data in the event of an interruption with either. If your Wi-Fi connection drops while you’re in the middle of a conversation, Voice will automatically switch to the next best network to make sure you don’t miss a thing.