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Amazon might create a separate app for its Prime Video sports content

Even while movies and television episodes are Amazon Prime Video’s primary emphasis, sports programming has increasingly been a major element of the service in recent years. A fresh report suggests the firm is in the early stages of building a standalone sports app for Prime content, indicating they may be taking it more seriously than ever before.

Several sources have told that the business is thinking of launching a dedicated sports app. There is no confirmed plan in place at this time, but the organisation reportedly is considering splitting apart its sports venues for football, baseball, and soccer. The Prime Video app is compatible with smart TVs, streaming sticks, mobile phones, and more, and it is the only way to access Amazon’s streaming video. Other Amazon applications allow users to purchase or use the Kindle service.

The leak doesn’t reveal much more, and it seems like this scheme is only getting started. There is no guarantee that this will ever be implemented, since the article suggests Amazon may opt to abandon the idea altogether. It’s not clear whether this change would be for users who choose to watch games outside of the main app or as part of a larger plan to spin off the service’s sporting offerings into a new streaming service with a subscription devoted to sports.

If Amazon follows through on this plan, Prime might soon include even more sporting events. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy mentioned sports as a sector the company plans to keep investing in last month. He referred to it as “a unique asset,” thus it’s possible that Amazon’s streaming service may soon add coverage of more sports. However, the market for sports streaming is very competitive and may be rather pricey.

Last week, YouTube revealed that it has paid an estimated $2 billion annually for the privilege to broadcast NFL Sunday Ticket games. Apple had already acquired the rights to both Major League Soccer and Major League Baseball by early 2022. Amazon will have to make a big investment to enhance its credibility in the sports industry.