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Microsoft releases Teams Premium with powerful OpenAI capabilities

One may assume that technologies like Slack and Teams, which facilitate group communication, wouldn’t require a lot of extra features to be useful. Microsoft, though, would disagree. In addition to the standard limitless messages and enhanced organizational features, the new Teams Premium tier has special abilities made possible by OpenAI’s GPT 3.5 language model. Starting on June 30th, the new tier will cost $10 per month per user, but until then, you may receive a sample for only $7.

Just what is it that this high-tech A.I. is able to do? The main selling point is a function called “intelligent recap.” This app “watches” meetings using Teams’ video function, then generates meeting notes, proposed tasks, and a full transcription of what was said in the meeting and by whom automatically. At launch, it only works with PowerPoint Live, but it can build automated chapter splits for recorded meetings, which looks like it could be done without really powerful artificial intelligence.

When combined with sensitivity labels, the ability for premium users to watermark Teams videos and choose which members can and cannot record creates a heightened emphasis on privacy and security. Enhanced webinar features and meeting notifications are two of the less-notable enhancements.

A number of previously available features that cost $4 per user per month have been moved into the new Premium tier, as reported by The Verge. For the next 60 days, the basic tier will continue to offer live translations for captions in 40 languages, but after that, they will only be available to Premium users. Less valuable users may also lose access to company-wide custom backdrops and virtual appointments.

The GPT-driven enhancements to Teams are only the most recent of the company’s AI-enhanced offerings. Microsoft’s Designer product makes considerable use of AI-generated art for publication, and the business is also experimenting with ChatGPT in the Bing browser. All of these AI-powered improvements to Microsoft software bring to mind the company’s recent less-people-friendly activities, such as throwing an exclusive Sting performance for executives only hours before announcing 10,000 layoffs.