Microsoft has issued a voluntary recall for some older model Surface tablets’ AC power connections

For the original Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and select Surface Pro 3 tablets Microsoft is issuing a recall and replacement of the AC power cables. AC power cables, not power supply units, are subject to the recall for devices purchased before March 15, 2015.

Power cords that can be removed and replaced are being recalled and replaced by Microsoft. When AC power lines are twisted or wrapped firmly, “damage may develop over time,” according to the stated explanation. Cracking, fraying, and bulging are among potential forms of damage. According to a Microsoft support post, faulty wires might overheat, posing a possible fire or shock danger. Thanks to, which originally pointed me to the support post.

If you have a problem with your Surface device, Microsoft recommends that you contact the business directly rather than going via the retailer.

“To ensure that our free AC cables meet current industry requirements, they are constructed using industry-standard materials. Improved strain relief enhancements in the AC cord’s receptacles are also included in these models, which should lessen the risk of damage when the cables are repeatedly twisted or tugged “According to the help page, this is what is said.

You can receive a new cord by signing into your Microsoft account and following the instructions to get it from AC Power Cord. Microsoft recommends this as the quickest alternative. Bulk Surface for Business orders should be sent to Microsoft.