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India formally requires manufacturers to use USB-C ports in their mobile devices by March 2025

According to a story in the Business Standard, the USB-C connector would become mandatory for all mobile devices sold in India by the year 2025. The European Union approved a similar law this year, requiring all laptops, smartphones, tablets, and wearables sold in the EU to utilise the Type-C connection by the end of2024, prompting India to begin considering the proposal.

Prior to the implementation of a universal charging port in India, the Central Consumer Protection Authority organised a sub-group consisting of industry representatives, educational institutions, and others to study the possibility of such a port.

Device makers are required by the Indian government’s department of consumer affairs to include a charging port that meets certain quality standards established by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Earlier this year, Rohit Kumar Singh, secretary of the Department of Consumer Affairs, said that the government will standardise on two types of charging connectors for mobile phones and wearable electronics.

The year 2025 was chosen as the target year after discussing standards with relevant industry players, as well as taking into account the limitations of global supply chains and the availability of products. The date is set to coincide with the EU’s planned rollout of standardised charging connectors.

In2019, India overtook the United States to become the world’s second-largest smartphone market, behind only China. Over ninety-five percent of smartphones in use in India are Android-based, and the vast majority of these devices already include the Type-C connector. The great majority of mobile phones in circulation, however, are Feature phones that require a micro-USB cable or a special charger designed for use with that particular phone.

Apple’s iPhones still employ the exclusive Apple Lightning connector, and the location where the iPhone 14 is made has witnessed substantial sales increase in recent years.

Despite initial resistance to the EU’s mandate that Apple embrace the USB-C charging standard, Apple has since stated it will follow the new regulations.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s LIFE mission, announced at the 2026 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, calls for the adoption of a standardised charging port. Instead of “mindful and wasteful consumption,” LIFE urges a global shift toward “mindful and intentional use.”