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I’m reminded of the recognisable wireless pad from the Gamecube by this Nintendo Switch controller

The new Nintendo Switch controller looks and feels a lot like a classic Nintendo gamepad.

The NYXI Wizard is a brand new wireless Nintendo Switch controller that mimics the unconventional design of the Gamecube pad, right down to the oversized green A button and the slightly offset X and Y buttons. The Wizard may seem like a “Pro” controller since it has so many more features.

The NYXI Wizard retails for $69 (about £57 / AU$99) on the company’s website. NYXI only displays the US pricing, however they do offer foreign shipping options.

The NYXI Wizard may resemble a GameCube controller, but that’s not all it has going for it. The controller allows for extensive customization, with features including button mapping profiles and interchangeable thumbsticks.

There are two turbo function buttons for quick inputs, two buttons on the back for mapping secondary inputs, extremely brief trigger locks like those on the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, and a nice glowing effect on the face buttons.

Is it a smash or a pass?

Targeting Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players is a primary focus for NYXI with the Wizard. Even the company’s website makes a point of bragging about how the Wizard is the optimal controller for the iconic crossover fighter developed by Nintendo and Sora Ltd.

It’s a big assertion, yet it may not be completely false. The Nintendo GameCube controller has been used by thousands of professional Super Smash Bros. players. To ensure that no one who still prefers to use a Gamecube controller is left out, Nintendo released a special edition controller with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

However, the NYXI Wizard seems to have surpassed even this. Not your average GameCube controller appearance-wise. Instead, it’s a transparent rip-off of the Wavebird, a legendary wireless Gamecube controller that was much sought after in its day. As you can imagine, the Wavebird may fetch exorbitant rates on auction sites, so alternatives like the NYXI Wizard are welcome news to those of us seeking a similar experience on a budget.

We’ll be keeping an eye on it as well, since it has the potential to be included in our roundup of the finest Nintendo Switch controllers currently on the market.