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iCloud Mail is currently unavailable

There are problems with Apple’s iCloud Mail service, and the corporation has acknowledged them. Apple reports on its System Status page that problems with the service first appeared at 8:06 AM Eastern Time today and are still happening as of the time this piece was written.

It seems that “certain users are impacted,” and the business has warned that iCloud Mail may be “slow or unavailable” until the issue is fixed.

This means that you may be experiencing difficulties sending and receiving emails if you use Apple’s email service for personal purposes. If you rely on the service for work, it would be an excellent day to tell your employer you need to leave early because of the outage in email service.

For the second time in as many days, we are experiencing an outage

This isn’t the first time Apple’s email client has had trouble this week, and the problem is still persisting.

The service was also encountering troubles, the business said on December 1. It wasn’t until later that day that Apple said it had found and fixed the underlying problem. That doesn’t seem to have fixed the issue, however.

Both Gmail and Outlook, which are also free, are formidable alternatives to Apple’s iCloud Mail. Even though it has had incremental updates throughout the years, the product still lags well behind the functionality of its rivals.

Apple has not given a time estimate for when today’s outage will be fixed. Keep checking back here (or on Apple’s System Status page) to see if and when we’ve updated the post to reflect Apple’s resolution of the problem.