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Google Voice can now identify calls that may be spam

Users of Google Voice shouldn’t have to fret about unwanted calls for very much longer. On Thursday, Google said that Google Voice will begin marking calls from numbers it suspects of being spam as “suspected spam caller.”

In a corporate blog post, Google said that it uses the same artificial intelligence that drives comparable capabilities on its other phone calling applications to determine which calls should be highlighted.

New spam labels will be shown on a user’s caller ID and in their call logs when Google Voice rolls out this feature. Verifying a spam label on a call will prevent any further calls from that number from ever reaching your inbox.

Any past calls from that number will likewise be filtered out and relegated to the spam bin. The user may also report that Google incorrectly identified a call as spam, preventing the label from appearing for future calls from the same number.

There haven’t been many updates to Google Voice from the search giant in recent months, but the option to tag calls as spam is one of the few that stands out. Thanks to a prior upgrade, the service may now switch between Wi-Fi and cellular automatically, whatever network provides the higher quality connection. According to 9to5Google, Google Voice was one of the first applications to use the new picture selection feature that was released with Android 13.

Google has made a number of changes to the Phone app for its Pixel smartphones prior to the deployment. When contacting specific toll-free lines, for instance, Google may hold your call, check incoming calls, and predict how long you’ll be on hold. To help phone conversations sound better, Google included a new feature called Clear Calling on the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro.