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Major night vision camera upgrade expected for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

If rumours are to be believed about the next Samsung Galaxy S23 series of phones, the Ultra model will once again have the most significant enhancements linked to it. One of these rumoured additions is “night vision” capabilities for its cameras.

Ice Universe, a trusted leaker, tweeted, “highlight again that the S23 Ultra’s night camera is actually ‘night vision.'” Under our opinion, that is really high-quality photography in dim conditions.

We don’t receive any hints about the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s camera modules here, but prior rumours have suggested that it would include a quad-lens 108MP+12MP+12MP+2MP rear camera.

Consider the big picture

It appears that Ice Universe has either had early access to a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra or has gained access to photographs recorded by one; the same source has previously shared a visual comparison of the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Ice Universe had previously boasted “greatly enhanced” low-light picture and video capturing capabilities. This is obviously a significant improvement, and it bodes well for the Ultra’s potential as a top-tier camera phone.

The rumours of enhancements for daytime shots and movies aren’t left out, either. When the Galaxy S23 phones are released, likely in the first few days of February, all will become clear.

Important defining characteristic

It’s safe to assume that the Samsung Galaxy S23 phones will have significant advances in both design and performance over its predecessors; otherwise, Samsung would be better off keeping the Galaxy S22 series of devices on the market.

However, the Galaxy S23 phones’ low-light photography skills are noteworthy. One of the key differences between high-end flagship phones and cheap handsets that will cost you much less is the ability to shoot images and movies in challenging lighting circumstances.

While the finest budget phones provide excellent value for the money, good performance, and great camera setups, you may notice that they suffer while shooting in low light. You should have a top-tier smartphone if you want top-tier nighttime photos.

It’s an area where certain smartphones, like the Google Pixel 7 Pro, really stand out. If the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s night vision is as amazing as that, we’ll be quite impressed.