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In order to avoid being evicted after failing to pay rent since Musk took over, Twitter will close its Seattle office

When Elon Musk took over as CEO of Twitter, he instituted a variety of cost-cutting initiatives, including failing to pay rent on the company’s different office buildings. In light of this, Twitter may soon have to vacate its Seattle headquarters, widely considered to be its most recognisable location.

Apparently Elon Musk told the Twitter team to cease making expenses like rent. This might lead to Twitter losing a lot of its offices. To avoid being evicted from his Seattle office, Musk has opted to close it down early.

According to the New York Times and Platformer, Twitter will not be moving its Seattle workforce to another property in the city and will instead be closing the office there. A number of Seattle-based employees reportedly have the opportunity to do their jobs remotely.

The Seattle headquarters of the social networking firm has been located in the Century Square skyscraper since 2014, and it has room for 200 employees. Amid the impending eviction of Twitter’s Seattle location, Musk terminated janitorial and security services earlier this week.

A total of 208 Seattle-based Twitter employees were let go earlier this year after he fired over 3700 of the company’s 7200 workers. Until Musk bought the firm, Seattle was Twitter’s second-largest engineering cluster behind San Francisco.

After assuming control of Twitter, Musk has made it his personal goal to eliminate any “unnecessary expenditure,” no matter how much it would hurt the company. First, he ended the programme that provided free food to Twitter employees while they were in the office. Then he began selling off a number of Twitter’s HQ’s swag on eBay.

It would have been very difficult to negotiate a lease to rent office premises anyplace in the city had Twitter been evicted as a consequence of a lawsuit. Even before the property owner, Unico Properties, filed an eviction complaint, Musk took the decision to prevent this from happening. However, Twitter might still face a lawsuit from its Seattle office’s landlord for unpaid rent and other penalties.