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Google Photos is evaluating a practical new search feature for the images in your library

It would appear that a new feature is being tested on Google Photos that would allow users to search their photo collection by the faces contained inside a single shot.

The Lens button in Google Photos’ bottom row of choices has been replaced by a search bar. This improvement likewise appears to be in a preliminary testing phase, with few users seeing the new behavior.

By using Photos’ face recognition technology, you can search for similar images from your collection. One photo of a loved one or an old acquaintance may now serve as a springboard to a plethora of others featuring that person, thanks to the face recognition function.

It also seems possible to select the face (or faces) you want to search by using the new search button. Maybe Google Photos finally allows people to get specific about who they’re looking for in a photo library.

As a result of this test, Google Lens is still accessible in Google Photos. While it’s a bit different in the test, using the Lens feature of Photos to search for things in a picture or choose text from an image to search or translate is as simple as touching the new search button and then tapping on an article of clothing or object.

This search functionality has been around for a while, with little updates and tweaks here and there. Google Photos already has a feature that lets you find comparable images by swiping up on a photo to expose the menu below or by pressing the three dots symbol in the upper right corner of an image.

In a final, production version, this feature test would merge your own library’s search capabilities with Google Photos’ own search engine.

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