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Google Contacts “Highlights” your most frequently used and favourite contacts

The most recent version of Google’s Contacts app delivers a familiar page to an unfamiliar interface.

The “Highlights” page is a new feature in the most recent version of Google’s Contacts app. Select “Highlights” from the primary navigation menu to see this section. If the user’s Favorites list is empty, they may add contacts via this page.

In the “favourites” area, you may flaunt the individuals with whom you have the warmest conversations by displaying large, colourful photographs you’ve given them and listing their names neatly beneath the images.

A “Recents” section may be found farther down this page. It’s pretty self-explanatory; it’ll show the most recent contacts you’ve had. When you click on the plus sign, a list of recent call recipients and the time and date of each call will appear. If this list has become too long for your taste, Google now gives you the choice to delete some of the duplicates.

A further selection, newly introduced, is also available to users. If you try to access your contacts without first adding any new ones, your phone will inform you that “no contacts added lately.” Once this is filled up, users may find it more convenient than scrolling through their extensive contact list whenever they want to call someone new.

Some readers may find this update familiar since it is similar to information already available in the Phone app. Users will feel more at home on the Highlights page since it is designed in a “Material You” fashion, even if it just displays recently called individuals rather than often. Using this conventional style, the Phone app’s Recents list is shown in a box with rounded corners, while the app’s favourites list is displayed in a square box.

As pointed out by 9to5, Google Illustrations may now be added to Contacts, allowing for even more individualised customization of your preferred people’s prominent perspective. Other Workspace apps, like as Gmail, already provide access to these images. Select the contact you’re interested in, then go to Pencil (edit) > Change (picture). Then you may pick the cartoon that you think best represents that individual.

Users may browse through pictures of animals, sports teams, gadgets, the universe, and more. After picking a picture, you may adjust its hues and saturation, and zoom in on a particular region if you just like a portion of it.