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Future iPhones will have USB-C, according to Apple, at least in some areas

It was certain to happen eventually, but now that the European Union has passed a regulation mandating that USB-C replace Lightning as the industry standard charging connector, Apple has announced that it will comply with the law and make the changeover for future iPhones.

Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Greg Joswiak, said that “clearly, we’ll have to comply.”

Since the law won’t be enforced until2024, Joswiak didn’t specify when the switch would be made; therefore, it’s possible that the iPhone 15 will still use Lightning. On the other hand, Apple may not wait until then to make the inevitable switch; indeed, it has been speculated that the iPhone 15 will employ USB-C.

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In addition, Joswiak was unwilling to say if this shift will be implemented worldwide or only in Europe, thus its scope and scope remain unclear.

However, it is evident from the interview that the corporation is not eager to implement this adjustment. Joswiak pointed out that, despite Apple’s conversion to USB-C for iPads and Macs, the company’s impending transfer to USB-C for iPhones would result in a significant amount of electronic waste due to the fact that billions of Lightning cords would become obsolete.

He argues that this forced transition to USB-C isn’t the best thing for most of Apple’s consumers and that Apple has achieved a decent balance that doesn’t annoy customers by having the cables detachable from the power brick (so that you may connect the cable of your choice to the brick).

He also mentioned that governments have previously attempted to standardise micro-USB connectors, and that had they succeeded, we probably wouldn’t have the Lightning cable or USB-C today, both of which are vast improvements above micro-USB.

Although these are valid concerns, Lightning’s demise appears inevitable given Apple’s shift to USB-C on other devices, the rise of wireless charging, and speculations of a portless iPhone.