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According to Gurman, Apple Silicon Mac Pro will update in 2019 with the same design

In 2020 November, Apple began switching from using Intel CPUs in its Macs to using its own Apple Silicon chips. Apple originally estimated that it would take two years to switch all Macs on to its own A-series CPUs, but that time has long since passed. Apple has yet to update its Mac lineup, although the Mac Pro is the company’s last remaining Mac model.

Even while the Mac Studio comes close to matching its performance, Apple still has to apply its Apple SIlicon treatment to the Mac Pro so that it may really live up to its billing as the most powerful Mac in the company’s portfolio. Apple is reportedly working on a fix, but it looks like we might not even receive a cosmetic update with the reboot. According to the most recent issue of Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter, the Mac Pro update will most likely maintain the current form factor.

Similar layout, except the Mac Pro does not allow for memory upgrades.

There have been several recognisable redesigns of the Mac Pro throughout the years, and given the magnitude of the Apple Silicon update, we anticipated aesthetic changes as well. Although it would appear that Apple has no plans to alter the look of the 2019 Mac Pro from its previous iteration, this may just be an illusion. It also won’t have memory that can be expanded by the user, which is less of a shock.

In his newsletter, Gurman stated, “Another letdown is that the design of the next Mac Pro won’t change from the 2019 version. Also missing from the Intel variant is the option for further RAM expansion by the user. For the M2 Ultra, this is due to the fact that the RAM is soldered directly to the board. Even so, two SSD spaces are available for use with video, audio, and ethernet adapters.”

Since the current Mac Pro comes with a tonne of memory options and can’t be upgraded, it’s probable that Apple will continue this trend with the new model. In 2023, a new Mac Pro will enter Apple’s top-tier Mac lineup, and it will almost certainly be a major performance upgrade over the present model.