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Fans of T-Mobile Tuesdays are receiving the gift of incredible selfie lighting

T-Tuesdays Mobile’s app has been around for a while, and throughout that time it has offered its users discounts and occasionally even freebies on restaurants, hotels, and even physical goods and subscription services. For example, the carrier supplied free rainbow socks during Pride Month in June It’s also offered season passes at no cost to users. Another selfie-related freebie is reportedly on its way to T-Mobile stores in preparation for next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday sale.

According to photographs and information acquired by The T-Mo Report, this little selfie light ring will be available for consumers to book through the T-Mobile Tuesday app soon.

This light accessory is not anchored by connecting into any of the phone’s ports; instead, it uses a normal coil and clamp mechanism to attach itself to the phone’s top. There is a cutout in the centre of the selfie light so that the front camera may be used without interference. There will be a switch that lets users choose between low, medium, and high brightness settings. Despite the lack of photos depicting the selfie light in use with a mobile device, the product’s design is quite intuitive.

We do have to shave some points off in the power section: the light has a built-in battery, but it can only be recharged via a micro-USB interface. In spite of the lack of cost, USB-C is required. The battery’s estimated lifespan is likewise unknown.

When the selfie light will be available for booking and subsequent collection is still unknown. At this time, stores have begun receiving inventory, but the company may wait up to three weeks before activating the campaign.

T-Mobile Tuesdays may not offer the most exciting products (just ask anyone who frequently uses video chat), but a selfie light certainly tops the Quibi and Google Stadia deals the company ran a few years ago.