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ElonJet has returned to Twitter, sort of

The college student who was behind the now-banned @ElonJet Twitter account has returned to the social media platform under a new alias. According to Insider, 20-year-old Jack Sweeney has set up a new Twitter account, @ElonJetNextDay, to follow Musk’s private plane with a 24-hour lag in order to get around Twitter’s policy limits.

Last week, Twitter banned Sweeney’s original ElonJet account after Musk claimed it exposed his real-time location in violation of the site’s regulations. On the same day that it banned ElonJet, Twitter changed its policy to prohibit disclosing a person’s real-time location. Sweeney told Insider that he will “post manually” until he has built the infrastructure to completely automate the account.

In a tweet from the 15th of December, Musk said, “Posting places someone travelled to on a somewhat delayed basis isn’t a safety risk, thus is good.” In addition, Twitter makes it clear that users are not breaking the guidelines if they “share publicly available location information after a reasonable period has elapsed, such that the individual is no longer at danger for physical harm.” Live location data, as defined under the policy, is defined elsewhere to indicate information about a person’s locations that is current or within the same day.

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) equipment is installed on nearly all aircraft today, including commercial and private jets, and broadcasts a unique code (associated with the plane’s tail number) carrying data like altitude and GPS coordinates. Aircraft in the United States and Europe are mandated to broadcast this information to the public in order to prevent midair crashes, and it is easily accessible to the general public.

Even though it posed a “clear personal safety concern,” Musk stated he would not deactivate the initial ElonJet account in November because of his “commitment to free expression.” Before it was permanently suspended on December 14th, the automated ElonJet account had garnered over 540,000 followers by publicly posting information on the whereabouts of Musk’s 2015 Gulfstream G650ER. Before, Musk had promised Sweeney $5,000 to get the account deleted.