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A further $4.7M is raised by Rainmaker Games

A new funding round for Rainmaker Games’ blockchain gaming platform has been successfully concluded. A total of $4.7 million was raised in this most recent round of funding for startups. The company Rainmaker says it will begin beta testing its platform in early 2023.

In addition to Placeholder and Hivemind Capital, the round also included Shima Capital, Peer Ventures, Coinfund, Side Door Ventures, Blockwall Capital, Placeholder, and Tokenbay Capital. This past December, the company raised $6.5 million at the close of its previous seed round.

If reports from Rainmaker are to be believed, the latest iteration of their platform is designed with the gaming subculture in mind (it was originally based around play-to-earn mechanics). According to the developers, it’s similar to the fitness app Strava in that it lets users compete against each other in games without necessarily being online at the same time. We created Rainmaker to help grow the gaming community.