Brave is taking the video conferencing fight to Zoom

Brave Software has announced the release of a new privacy-focused video conferencing feature built directly into its browser, which it initially debuted in May. Users of the company’s browser may now start a call right away by using Brave on the desktop.

However, they may also go to to establish a video chat from either the Brave browser on desktop or mobile.

Users can join a video conference from any modern browser by inviting others to participate in a video meeting using Brave Talk, which is powered by the open-source Jitsi as a Service video meeting platform from 8×8 and offers many of the same privacy protections found in Jitsi Meet.

Keeping video talks private

Zoom and several other video conferencing applications keep track of calls, data, and pictures, but with Brave Talk, users can encrypt meetings using a variety of levels of encryption.

Because the servers at Brave Software don’t save metadata, conversations, pictures, or activities are never recorded or shared without user permission.

At the same time, because Brave Talk is integrated into the Brave browser, there is no need for users to download any extra apps or plugins.

Brave’s co-founder and CEO Brendan Eich revealed why the firm added video conferencing to its browser in a press release, stating:

“Connecting with colleagues and friends through video conferencing channels is now the norm, and as users become increasingly aware of online privacy concerns, there is a growing need for a privacy-first option. Big tech has a firm grip on the market as it exists today, and Brave is determined to offer users an alternative that challenges the giants and puts the power back in the hands of the user. With over 36 million monthly active users on our browser, we are reshaping the industry with our privacy-by-default ecosystem.”

Brave Talk, like its name suggests, allows you to chat and share videos. It comes with video group watch, YouTube live streaming, and free users get unlimited call times.

Those interested in hosting calls for three or more people may purchase the premium version of Brave Talk for $7 a month, which includes voice recordings and hosting tools such as participant muting and entrance passwords.