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Best Solar Lamp Post For Gardens

Best Solar Lamp Post For Gardens

Can you imagine a garden without a lamp? Strange, right. Lamp posts are one of the most foremost things for the gardens.

They lighten and gives a pleasant view all around the surroundings. Just imagine a lamp post that not only enlightens your garden but also saves some money for you.

Interesting right? Well, we are not talking about ordinary lamps which is digital or electric. Perhaps, it is none other than ‘Solar Lamps.’ These lamps won’t run over electricity.

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Gama Sonic Royal Bulb Solar Lamp Post GS-  98B-T-WB

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XEPA SPX713 77-inch Solar-Powered LED Post Lamp

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Gama Sonic Pagoda Solar Outdoor Lamp Post GS-104S

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TruePower Solar Charged LED Lamp Post

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They charge themselves with the sunlight in the daytime and lightens in the dark time. This means you don’t have to worry about the electricity bill every month, as it is fully energy-efficient.

Solar lamps have solar panels which seek the sunlight while charging. So, the bigger the solar panel means brighter the light. In general, batteries in solar lamps last for a couple of days.

But do you know which solar lamp post is suitable for you? There are various manufacturers of solar lamps that produce various models of them. So opting for one out of them is a difficult job. In this article, we’ll look at some of the top and best solar lamp posts available in the market. And believe us, after reading this content you’ll be in a comfortable position to choose one.

1.) Gama Sonic Royal Bulb Solar Lamp Post GS-98B-T-WB:-

This game sonic solar lamp post is a triple head outdoor lamp. It is one of the costliest solar lamp available but it worth the price too. The height of this lamp is 89 inches. The LED bulb light in it comes with patented technology that uses a typical idea of a light bulb and subsumes it into an outdoor lamp post. This enhances its 10-years lifespan and spreads light 360° of a customary incandescent bulb. This lamp has Automatic Dusk-to-Dawn feature, which means it will automatically lit in the night.

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Moreover, it has an integrated photocell sensor that automatically detects day-night light and lightens accordingly. This lamp contains no electric wiring in it; this means you don’t have to assemble wires while installing it. All you’ve to do is just to place it in the bright sunshine, while all the remaining task is to be done by sunlight.

This lamp post is made from rust-resistant cast aluminum and is powder coated along with bronze finish which makes it highly durable. Besides this, the monocrystalline silicon panel it has is priced protected by the tempered glass which is durable and easy to clean. Overall, it is a great option for the buyers.

2.) XEPA SPX713 77-inch Solar-Powered LED Post Lamp:-

If you need a solar lamp post to lighten only when motion is detected, then XEPA SPX 713 can turn to be a perfect choice for you. This lamp is equipped with a reliable motion sensor whose motion is up to 10 feet, and it has a pretty good motion. While the motion range of it is up to 160 degrees.

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The build quality and overall construction of this lamp post are also impressive, especially the clear contoured glass lens and the die-cast aluminum framing which gives it a strong, sturdy look. Also, the LED bulbs in this device are long-lasting, which means you won’t have to replace it soon. This lamp has photocell sensors that automatically lights it when the sun comes down. It comes with two operating modes so that you can switch in between these two.

The first one is ‘I’ mode which can be used for about 18 hours at low output. While the other one is ‘II’ mode which can be used for about 4 hours at high output. Beside this, it can be easily installed without any hassle.

3.) Sterno Home Paradise Solar-Powered LED Light:-

Paradise by Streno Home is a well made and great looking LED solar lamp post. It is built with high-quality materials and is long lasting. It is made of rust-resistant cast-aluminum that gives a sturdy look and enhances its durability. It has a total of four solar panels which are large enough to provide good battery performance.

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The light glows complete night; white get dim in the morning. The LED bulb glows automatically in the night and shuts off in the morning. So you don’t have to switch it ON or OFF. The design of this lamp is quite traditional, gives an old-fashioned feel which is a good thing.

So you can use this solar lamp even for decorative purposes, no matter you lit it or not. It has got a sturdy look and sits over a heavy-weight base which provides better stability. The LED bulb in this lamp has a bit of blue shade in it, which looks soothing and pleasant in the surroundings. Overall, it is another good option for the buyers at a good price.

4.) Gama Sonic Pagoda Solar Outdoor Lamp Post GS-104S

You might be thinking that Gama Sonic has expensive solar lamp posts and it’s unnecessary to invest in them. But believe us, once you’ve used it you’ll end up believing it’s worth every single dollar. This device is 87 inches long includes solar panels in it and comes with eight bright LED bulbs. Being a Gama product, it also comes with Gama Sonic’s cone reflector technology that helps in increasing the light. Although, it’s a great versatile product.

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You can turn it ON/OFF manually, as well as there’s sensor present which automatically ON/OFF the bulbs, as per the sun’s position. For more convenient, it also has a Brightness Control feature, from which you can turn it Low/High by the switch present over it.

The battery of this lamp post is highly-efficient, it’ll run for about 15 hours on low settings and about 12 hours on high settings. The eight LED bulbs had a capacity of 180 lumens bright white light. The lamp post is made from weatherproof cast aluminum and beveled glass, which gives it good marks in build quality. Moreover, the aluminum material won’t catch rust and gives long-last property. Overall, it is another good option if you have a good budget.

5.) TruePower Solar Charged LED Lamp Post

We understand many of you might have a fixed, limited budget and cannot go beyond that. This is why we’ve include TruePower Solar Lamp post in our list. No doubt, it’ll have some flaws, but no solar lamp post is just perfect. It comes with a good feature of height adjustment, through which you can choose out of 1, 2 and three post section for obtaining different height 3ft, 4ft. and 5ft. respectively.

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It has a frosted bulb that includes a total 6 LED lights which are quite bright and runs all the night on a full charge. The Automatic Dusk-To-Dawn feature automatically turns On the bulb at the night time and turn it Off once the sun rises. The build quality of the lamp is decent, made from aluminum support with black powder coating.

It looks good although and is prevented from rust and ultraviolet rays. At the base, there are three pre-drilled mounting holes for better installing. Just look for an area with ample and bright sunshine, just plug this lamp right there to enjoy the pleasant evenings.