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Best Meat Slicer under $200 2018 Reviews

best meat slicer under 200

Meat Slicers are perhaps the most important tool for your kitchen when it comes to dealing with the non-vegetarian eatables. We very often think to buy one meat slicer which minimizes all our problems related to chopping or slicing meats which seems impossible with the regular kitchen tools.

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The Culinary  CEK 40 Electric Knife  

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Steel  Electric Food Slicer

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Presto Professional Salad Slicer

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Continental Professional Series  Deli Slicer

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Edge Craft Chefs Choice  Premium Electric Food Slicer

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But the purchase of a wrong meat slicer can be a way too wrong decision, as changing rare kitchen tools in short amount of time is a big question on one’s choice.

For making your household chores simple, you need a really good meat slicer which can minimize your effort in making the stuff easily. The sharpness of the slicer is the most crucial part of the whole tool, and one should be aware of the level of sharpness while buying meat slicers.

So today, we are going to present you our best picks which will help you immensely in picking up the meat slicer suitable for you.

1.) The Culinary CEK 40 Electric Knife

Culinary is very well known for producing kitchen appliances, but they are much specialized in making tools related to edge sharpness. The reason Culinary has made it to this list at the very first spot is it’s two sharp blades, the sharpness of which is enough to slice the meat like a cakewalk! This slicer comes up with two special blades- bread blade and carving blade which assists you in cutting the slices of bread thin edible in your daily life.

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If you are a person, who is habitual of making choices wisely you’’ conclude that, this is one of the best affordable solutions to get fine slices of edibles. The easy to use interface lets a beginner use the product easily, the off/ on control is preferred for left hand or right hand users.T he wood block permits you to safe place and blades after every use. It is efficient cutlery with a comfortable handle that makes the super cutting simple.

Furthermore, it features a cord of 4 foot, blade release button and safety button .y can slice bagels, cheek, zucchini, vegetables, fruits, roast, ham, salami, chicken, turkey with this knife. In the end, the manufacturers give a warranty of three years on this best seller product.

2.) Steel Electric Food Slicer

The next one in our list is Steel Electric Food Slicer which is one of the highest rated meat slicers as per the customer reviews Now. You can go with this meat slicer as durability and quality of performance is something you can’t question about this product.

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This product is an efficient slicer that makes your food look and tastes mind-boggling by adding accurately fine slices.T he durability of 8.7 inches, and The Stainless Steel Electric Food Slicer makes it stand at the second spot of our list.

Without any issue, it features a top-notch quality and offers great performance for many years. Y ou does not need to go out all the time to buy the sliced meats, as this meat slicer is the need of an hour!

3.) Presto Professional Salad Slicer

Proceeding to the next meat slicers, our third Meat Slicer is Presto Professional Salad Slicer/ Shredder. It doesn’t matter whether you wish to make tacos, soups or, salads, you need a slicer and Shredder also

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If you need a shredder along with a slider, this is a must buy for you right now. As you very well know buying two products for different features can be a stupid decision, this two in one Slicer and shredder makes your choice easy. This product has four different interchangeable cones that let you select the thickness of the food/meat you are slicing.

After using this machine, you can easily clean few minutes as it is water resistant. Presto is already known for delivering high-end performance at affordable prices. So with this Presto Professional Slicer, you can easily make your food worth without putting up any special efforts.

4.) Continental Professional Series Deli Slicer

Confused, yeah? Don’t worry you’ll chose one in the next few minutes. The fourth meat slicer in our list is Professional Series Deli Slicer under the brand name of Continental, known for making durable kitchen appliances since years. The thing I liked the most about this slicer is it’s manufacturing material, as Heavy cast iron used in the designing of this meat.

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This meat slicer comes up motor operating on 150 watts with a blade 7.5 inches long. It is sharp enough to slice every edible so that you can enjoy even making your food.

It falls under the category of affordable kitchen machine that offers remarkable performance. With this slicer, you can adjust the blade to cut the slices of different thickness which is quite a unique feature on our list.Plus the cleaning of the slicer is quite simple.

5.) Edge Craft Chefs Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer

If you are still confused about making a choice, this one will make your confusion fade! The last meat slicer in our list is Edge Craft Chef’s Choice Premium Electric Food Slicer, that proves it’s worth very well in spite of being the last on our list. This meat slicer has all the reasons to trust its abilities.T his meat slicer is worth buying for a person looking for a little luxurious performer meat slicer.

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Metallic body of this food slicer can make any aspiring chef go mad over this product. Due to its cantilever design, it has become an efficient and durable machine that offers outstanding performance. The sharpness of blades allows you to slice the edibles in smooth slices which gives your food a premium look which you often see in restaurants.

Plus you won’t get any troubles till a year, as the Edge Craft gives you an one year warranty if you buy this meat slicer right now. I don’t think I can make you count more reasons convincing on not to chose this product.