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15 Best Gaming Desks of 2018

Best Gaming Desks 2018

Space and Look are all you think about when you want to upgrade your gaming room or setup. Your whole setup is supported by a gaming desk which also provides class and looks to your setup. So which kind of best gaming desk you want in your dream setup? And which is worth your budget. In this post, we will be showing you some classy and stylish gaming desks with a variety of features that does fit your budget.

So, is buying a gaming desk a good idea? In my point of you, if you want your gaming setup to look professional and classy, you must go for a gaming desk. It does not mean that gaming desk is expensive, you can also get a budget gaming desk which cost same as your normal desks. It not only supports your whole setup but gives you the option to organize it in the right way.

Top 15 Best Rated Gaming Desks.


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This L-shaped Desk by Homcom has a unique and eye-catching look; it’s not easily movable so you must fix its place before buying this. The steel black color makes it look fancier. The company has given a shiny black finish to the desk which makes it smokier which makes it a best selling product.

Because it is black, you should be careful as it can easily get stains. L shape is an advantage of this table as it can easily fit into any corner. Cables are the most frustrating element of a gaming setup. Fortunately, this desk helps you to easily manage all the cables. The design is very slim and attractive.

One negative point is that the weight of this desk particularly is too heavy as compared to others because it is made up of reinforced steel and a glass on top. So if you have a permanent place for your desk that this is the right option for you. There is no space problem. I liked that they have given separate space for your CPU and a tray for keyboard and mouse which makes it more organized. You can get this table at a price tag of 210$ on any e-commerce web.

14. Pro-Line II / OSP Designs Prado Complete L-Workstation

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This is not the right choice for you if you are in need of a fancy looking desk. The design is sweet and simple which makes it classy. There are not extra compartments for CPU or anything. The architecture makes it easy to fit at any place either right or left. This desk is also L shaped which occupies less space and fits in any corner. The top of the desk is laminated which makes it more durable in bad conditions. Installation does not require any hard work, and it is easy to install.

Its simplicity makes it unique and different from others. The dimensions are 60″*66″. The desk is multipurpose, you can use this for office work, for home and of course your gaming setup. One more plus point is that company has provided metal wire management system in the particular product. If we look, it’s the price that we may find it expensive, but quality products don’t come that cheap. The weight of the table is 96 pounds which are pretty heavy. It is available in two versions black and white. This desk comes with a price tag of 206$. If you love to keep it simple and classy, you should go for this.


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This desk comes with a totally different design and is mostly made up of glass. We can say that the design is a bit complicated. But how they have mixed glass and steel to make this desk is appreciative. The stands are made up of reinforced steel which is joined with each other. This desk is also an L-shaped table which is suited for gaming as well as other purposes. The features of this desk seem pretty good. It does have a keyboard tray and an extra glass plate for other hardware. It is very durable that’s why company provides a lifetime warranty with it.

There is enough space and can easily support two LED monitors and a CPU. The steel helps to support heavy weighing objects easily. The design is slim and neat which gives an extra point to the table. One negative point is that if you have a large size keyboard, you may face problems to fit the keyboard in the keyboard tray.

It comes in a different variety. There are two shape versions and two glass designs. The thickness of the glass is 5mm/6mm which is thick enough. The weight is same as others that are 96 pounds and this product comes with a price tag of 350$


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This is yet again a multipurpose desk which can be used for office as well as gaming purpose. The design is very straight forward. The frame is made up of reinforced steel which is pretty thin and slim giving it more strength and capacity to lift the weight. There is good space on the desk which allows you to easily fit two big screens and other gadgets as well. Because it is L-shaped, it makes is easy to fit anywhere and takes less space. You need to assemble it before using, but that’s not a problem as there is a proper guide which comes along with it.

There is separate CPU holder as well as a keyboard tray which adds up more features to the desk. One negative point is that it does not have any other holders or shelf other than this. It is easy to handle as it weighs only 61 pounds. The top glass is really strong, and steel provides good support. The dimension for the desk is 51.18 x 20.1 x 29 which is enough for business as well as gaming purpose. The desk is made to last long. This particular desk comes with an affordable price tag of 160$.

11. Cabot L-Shaped Computer Desk

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This product by Bush furniture is produced in three versions. The design is again L- shaped, and there is huge space on the surface. The desk is made up of wood which gives it a traditional look. It is also a multipurpose desk which can be best for your workstation as well as gaming setup. The design is neat and classy; it is available in three different colors. One unique thing about this desk is that it contains four built-in USB hubs that is awesome for your gaming setup. The desk contains some drawers, shelf, and trays which help you to organize all your devices in a good manner.

There is no uniqueness in the design and built material if we consider it as a gaming desk. Although it can easily support two or three monitor screens and other stuff, still the design could have been made different. You can place small peripherals in the drawers and tray easily. The desk comes through many quality checks, and we can say that it is very durable. It is one of the best sellers on many E-commerce websites. The Bush Furniture provides one year warranty for the product. The desk has the dimensions 59.5 x 59.5 x 30.1 inches and weighs 146 pounds which are very heavy than others. You can get the desk at a high budget of 306$. So, if you have a lot of stuff and needs a desk with many drawers, trays, and space, then this will be the right one for your gaming room.

10. Halter ED-258 Preassembled Height Adjustable Desk

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Now these kinds of desks are very different and are best suited if you like to do streams or play a lot of games. This is height adjustable desk by Halter which is highly suggested for gamers. The desk is strong and solid, and the design is appreciative. The desk can be easily converted to a standing desk from a sitting desk without any efforts. You can easily adjust it with the help of its handles. The desk consists of two stands which can handle two screens and other peripheral devices too. You can easily adjust the heights of both the stands. This is not the kind of table which requires huge space, and it can easily fit anywhere as it does not have large dimensions.

You do not need any installation for this, and it comes pre-assembled. You can even place this desk on any another stand or table. The desk is designed to give you comfortable body posture. You can easily play games for hours without any problem. Halter gives one-year warranty for this desk. The desk has the dimensions 35.6 x 16.9 x 16.1 inches which is not that large, but the design makes it more organized than other desks. The weight of the desk is very less as compared to other. It only weighs 47 pounds so you can easily transfer it to any other place. This desk comes with a high budget of 600$. But precious things does not cost low.


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This is another level of gaming desk. It is only designed for gaming. It is not easy to find a gaming desk like this. This is a wireless glowing gaming desk which consists of many glowing sensors and glowing fans. If you want to show off your gaming desk and your setup, then this is the best piece for you. The sensors can be controlled with buttons, and they provide a remote too. The height is decided such that you do not face any problems for hours continuously. They have given indications to place your hardware in the right place. It does consist of a foot bar which gives you comfort while sitting. The sensors are very responsive and fast.

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It also helps to improve the sensor speed of your mouse. You can also adjust the speed of glow with a remote, and you can also adjust its brightness too. The company has also provided cable management system which helps you to organize your setup easily. Although the area of the surface is not large, it can easily support one big monitor screen. You need to assemble when it is delivered which is pretty hard as there is no installation guide with it. The desk has three different versions of sizes. The standard desk has the size of 900 x 803 x 810mm. The desk comes with a high price of 328$. I will suggest this awesome desk to you if you want to show off and if you love those glowing sensory lights.


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This desk is one of the best rated on many e-commerce websites. The design is not all complicated, the design of the table is classy, and the metal is also very sturdy. It is only manufactured for gaming purpose and can easily fit in any place. It does not have any extra space or shelve or any tray. So you have to make sure that you do not have lots of stuff that is to be kept on the surface. The table can easily handle two monitors, along with other peripherals and also has a built-in headphone stand. It needs to be assembled before use which is not that hard. The table is pretty light and easy to transport, but it does not mean that it is non-durable. It does not take a lot of space even if you want it for a small room. 

It has one problem that it does not support too heavy weight on it. So make sure you do not place your CPU or any other heavy peripherals over it. It is made for light gaming usage. That’s why the desk’s price is not that high. It has two versions available. You can select if you want a headphone holder or not. It comes with all the necessary tools that are required for its installation. Space is a bit low; it has the dimensions of 50 x 26 x 4 inches. But at the same time, it weighs only 37 pounds which are very less than all other gaming desks. You can get this desk at a price as low as 106$ only. Just make sure you do not place any heavy object on it.

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comes with all the necessary tools that are required for its installation. Space is a bit low; it has the dimensions of 50 x 26 x 4 inches. But at the same time, it weighs only 37 pounds which are very less than all other gaming desks. You can get this desk at a price as low as 106$ only. Just make sure you do not place any heavy object on it.


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Are you looking for a multipurpose professional desk? Then this is another multipurpose desk which is capable of editing, gaming, and every other purpose. It is one of the biggest spaces providing workstation and provides everything that is required for your gaming and other purposes. But one negative point is that it looks a bit old fashioned as compared to latest gaming desks. But if you have a lot of stuff, this desk can easily manage all of those. It consists lots of racks, separate trays, CPU holder and many other shelf spaces. It can easily support your two or more than two big monitor screens. It consists an extra stand over its surface which makes it unique. If cables are your problem, then cable management is very good in this table. One major problem is that it has very large dimensions and may not be suitable for you if you have a small area for it. It even cannot fit in small spaces. So be sure, if you want to buy this, first arrange enough space so that you do not get into any trouble after buying this desk. Make sure you have the right measurements. The dimensions of this table are 82 x 37 x 13 inches. Also, the weight of the table is as high as 210 pounds. So, you must fix a place for this as it is not easily transportable. You will also be surprised by the price as it is in four figures. The desk comes with a price tag of 1100$. So I will suggest you this table only if you are in need of huge space and require a huge desk; otherwise, this will cost you many bucks.


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Now, this is a kind of desk which is totally different from previous one. The company has designed this desk only for gaming. It is the right choice for a professional gamer who plays hours and hours at a time. And it is also perfect if you are a streamer or YouTuber as it contains separate rims for keeping basic things so that you can play continuously without a break. The desk is strong, sturdy as well as durable which adds up extra points to it. It gives you the space to keep your games, remotes, controllers and other peripherals in separate places. You can store ten games and two headphones on it. It also has another stand on its surface to keep monitor which supports 27 inches of screen. Its unique design can catch anyone attraction, and the utility that is provided by the company in this desk is rarely seen in other desks at a normal budget.

gaming laptop

This desk also has a cup holder in which you can keep your drinks while playing games. So you do not have to risk your mouse and keyboard anymore. One more amazing thing is that the desk has a charging point where you can keep your mobile as well. Wire management system is very good as it contains metal cable holders and cable slots. This desk requires some efforts to assemble it after it reaches you. The finishing of the desk is glossy and black color looks perfect. The desk comes with the dimensions of 51.00 x 24.50 x 35.80 Inches. The desk is pretty light and comes with a price tag of 146$. So if you are a professional gamer and you play for hours in a day, then this is the right product for you. And also if you are a bit careless user then this desk provides you several safety options that prevent you from ruining your setup.


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Origami is the company which provides the quality product in affordable budgets. This is yet another outstanding built by Origami which is pretty simple but has great quality and low budget desk. If you want a professional desk for high-end gaming, then this may not be the right choice, but this table is made for those who do not want to spend big bucks for a gaming desk and still need a quality product. This is also a multipurpose desk which can be used for the workstation as well as gaming and other basic purposes. It does not have enough space to support a lot of equipment, but you can easily place basic peripherals on the surface. One unique quality of this product is that it can be easily folded and transferred in few seconds. As it is foldable, so you do not need to assemble it. You can also use this table for your studies and simple computer surfing too. Although there is not large space, still it can lift a heavy weight up to 250 pounds. The body is made up of steel which provides a strong base. Its folding capacity makes it more space managing. The weight of the table is only 40 pounds which are very low. The dimensions of the table are 47 × 23 × 29 inches which are not very huge. The desk comes with the price tag 140$. So if you need an affordable desk and you want it to be long lasting, then this is the desk that is worth your money. But if you want a stylish and fancy look, you should look for a better option as it is a low budget table with some satisfying features.


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This may look very simple and non-attractive to you, but there are many things you don’t know about this desk. This desk is only designed for gaming purpose and is a best seller among many professional gamers who like to keep it simple and classy. The design is very different and the material used is also top class. Space is very much extra than other desks. It can easily fit three monitors and other peripherals too.

 The graphics on the table are also very attractive. What makes it different is its unique shape because it consists of a curve in the middle that lets you adjust your chair and fit it into the desk. This provides you better gaming experience than others. That’s the reason why this desk is most preferred because it is designed by keeping these little things in mind. 

The desk is a best seller because it also consists a built-in customized mouse pad which is also water and accident proof. This feature is rarely available in any other gaming desks. The desk also comes with five other color options so that you should be satisfied with its look. The surface of the desk is made up of microfiber which makes it real strong. The only problem of this desk is the budget.

The company sells this product in limited stock which makes it more demanded. The frame is divided into three sections which make it easy to transport. The dimensions of the desk are 160 × 80 cm, and it weighs 85 pounds which make it easy to transport. The desk is brought to us at a high price of 505$.


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This is again a modern multipurpose gaming desk whose surface is made up of glass. Make sure if you buy this you must be very careful about its glass. Don’t try to release are your anger if you lose the game. It is also designed in such a way that it can easily be utilized as your working desk as well as gaming desk. The design is very modern, and the desk is L-shaped which allows managing your space. 

It takes very less space, and you can fit his desk easily into any small place. The glass is very attractive and glossy. Desk consists of three tempered glossy glasses. The frame is made up of steel which provides it strength and durability. Although the surface is of glass and needs to be handled carefully still, it can support a huge amount of weight over it. Again it has a separate keyboard tray in which you can fit your mouse as well. It also consists a CPU stand just like Metal gaming desk which adds up more points to it. 

The tempered glass is very stylish and can lift around 100 pounds over it. The cable management on this desk is also pretty good. The major problem about this desk is that if you have a large keyboard then it will probably not fit into the keyboard tray and glass needs the care to prevent any damage. The product is available with the dimensions 33.8 x 23.5 x 8.5 inches. The weight is neither high nor less; it weighs around 62 pounds. The desk comes in three varieties and is priced at 110$.


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This is also one if the best selling desk in the market. Although it is not totally designed for gaming, the company has designed it for multipurpose. But that does not mean that it is not meant for gaming. If you are looking for a desk with good under the stand storage space, then this is the right one. The desk can be used for home as well as for the office. The desk can easily fit into any corner because of its L-shape. The desk also provides you bookshelves and other separate space to keep your books and other basic stuff.

The design looks very smoky. The dark cherry color adds up sparks to its design. The desk also supports huge weight over its surface. The surface is so huge and can fit two large size monitors and other peripherals along with it. There is no separate space for a keyboard, CPU and other stuff.

There is extra space provided beneath the surface where you can keep your CPU and other needy things. It needs to be assembled before using. At least, two people are required for its proper assembly. The desk comes with a huge dimension of 53.6 x 51.3 x 28.3 inches. The weight of the desk is 79 pounds after assembling it.

 The desk comes with a price tag of 130$ which is quite affordable if you have lots of stuff with you and you want to organize it in a good manner. This desk will provide a smoky look to your gaming setup.


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Atlantic is known for designing high-end gaming desks by keeping every single point in mind. The desk is totally designed for hours if gaming. The desk can also be used for home and study purpose. It provides you tons of features and separate space for your every single thing. I will recommend you this desk if you want organized storage for your devices like Gaming CDs, Controllers, Speakers, and Headphones, etc. There is no space for keeping CPU, but it provides a separate stand over the surface for placing your monitor screen. You can also keep a laptop on the main surface of the desk. The desk does consist of a cup holder if you need. It also gives you separate wire storage section to keep your books and papers. The desk also contains a cable management system at the back; this will help you if you are annoyed by these wires. The stand is made up of steel which makes it strong and helps to lift more weight on it.

The stand can fit a monitor with maximum 27 inches of screen. It also consists of a charger just like Origami desk. The surface has enough space and the desk is pretty light as compared to others which make it easily transferable. The only problem is that if you have a monitor more than 27 inches of a screen, then the ends of your monitor may hang out of the stand but it is not a big problem. Some minor assembly is required when it is delivered to you. It weighs only 43 pounds which are very less and also comes with one year warranty at a low price of 110$. We can consider this desk as a typical gaming desk designed for professionals.

Buyer’s Guide

You might have seen many gamers on social media showing off their gaming room with some unbelievable setups. That happens because they organize their setups in a great way. And to organize your setup, you must have an impressive gaming desk. Let’s have a look at 15 of those quality gaming desks which are definitely worth their price and have eye catching features.

Which gaming desk you should go for?

There are varieties of gaming desks available in the market. The gaming setup should be organized in such a way that you can sit for hours and hours with comfort without any problem. There is no doubt that any desk on which you keep your desktop and other devices can be your gaming desk.

But a desk made for gaming purpose should be bought by keeping few things in mind that are the space available, the comfortability, wire management system if you have wired peripherals, separate trays, whether you have two monitors or a single one and much more.

There are tables which provide separate space for keyboard and CPU, and also there are tables which do not provide anything. You can get a glowing table if you want to show off your setup. Adjustable desks are easy to transport and are modern generations. You can also get a desk with so many shelf and other spaces.

You can get large dimensions as well as small dimensions desk depending on the area you have to fit your desk. It totally depends on your requirement and the amount of budget you have. These desks ranges from 100$-300$.

What features make up a perfect Gaming Desk?

1. A gaming desk should be capable to easily organize huge gaming screens as well as small ones. A good gaming desk has enough space so that you can keep at least two monitors on it along with other peripherals.

2. The gaming desk should be strong enough and must be durable so that it can lift the weight of your gaming setup easily without any problem. The design of the desk should by sturdy.

3. If you want to follow your setting with a desk, then an adjustable gaming desk is the thing that you should look for. The desk can easily be converted from sitting to a standing position within seconds.

4. A plain table does not help to organize your peripherals. If you have a lot of things with you. You should look for a desk with shelves and trays which have a separate place for everything. This will make your setup more organized.

5. The desk should not be made to perform just one task. It should be multipurpose so that if you don’t game for a long time. You can still use it as your workstation and other purposes too.

6. Shape and size of the tables matter a lot because you cannot afford a table with huge dimensions and uneven shape which take a huge space. I suggest you buy an L-shaped desk because it can easily fit into any corner.

7. The material also plays a vital role as it decides the durability of the desk. There are varieties of materials available used to make desks.

Which Shape is best for you?

There are some shapes available when it comes to a gaming desk. The desks are designed for different space and different purposes. The main shapes in which desks are designed are compact desks, U-shaped desks, standard desks and L-shaped desks. All the desks are designed for different areas. U- Shaped desks takes an enormous space and also not likely for gaming. We can consider it as a multipurpose desk, but it is not specifically designed for gaming purpose. The gaming desks are built to take less space and give more performance. L-shaped desks are the ones which are made to fit in the corners. These desks are also one of the most preferred desks in the gaming market. You should go for a U-Shaped desk only if you have a separate gaming room with huge space and you have a lot of stuff that you are unable to manage. L-shaped desks do not provide any extra storage options keeping some exceptions aside.

Wrapping it up

So, these were some top rated desks with lots of different features and different purpose. It depends on your choice and requirement. If you need a proper gaming desk or you want a desk which can be useful for every purpose. Do you have enough space or you want a desk that can fit anywhere? How many numbers of monitors you have? Are you are tired of managing those irritating cables? Or you want comfort while playing games for hours and hours. Do you want separate CPU holders and keyboard trays? Or you want a built-in mouse pad with your desk. There are tons of varieties but what matters is your budget. We have listed some 100$ desks and some 1000$ desks too. If you don’t want to spend hundreds on a desk, then we have also listed some quality low budget desks. Now, it’s on you that which will be perfect for your gaming room. Just make sure to check dimensions and measurements of desk otherwise you will suffer a great loss.