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The Best Down Jacket In 2019

When the temperature drops there is nothing like a great jacket in the cupboard. Downstairs has been the go-i insulation for winter jackets and coats because of its light weight and incredible heat for generations. Every conceivable type and style of the jacket is today by the from the best out of simple generic models known to the world fashion houses. Then we will see 20 of the best jackets for men.

1. Columbia Men’s Frost-Fighter Down Jacket

The fighter jacket columbia frost is what you expect from a company with much experience in the great outdoors. It is discreet but effective to be good-looking without the shrill and well done sewing be difficult, used to easily zips. Stand-up collar protects the neck that old north wind and the whole thing falls easily in the wash machine.

A large down jacket will wear every day everywhere and a great addition to our best jackets leader. Make sure, combine this with fresh snow shoes on our list.

2. The North Face Thermoball Down Jacket

The north face has been making some of the best jackets and winter coats most of the 30 years, and thermo ball down jacket is to another proud addition to its product line. It has a ripstop 100% nylon shell, thermal insulation ball ™ and hand pockets.

Your stylish, elegant and warm as toast andwill you well afford if you use it, the office, at school or doing some skiing. Now also check out our selection of the best denim jackets for larger jackets i like these.

3. The North Face Nuptse Down Jacket

Nuptse ist ein weiteres north face daunenjacke, die ein elegantes profil schneidet während man egal wie eng winteraufenthalte strebt für den alten mann ihre ruinieren tag. Es ist mit großen mengen von gänsefett gefüllt und sport isolierkragen von hinten austretende luftströme zu verhindern.

Es gibt zwei schichten aus taft auf den schultern für eine lange lebensdauer und innere Ärmeltasche, wo sie ihre brieftasche, bleistift arbeit speichern kann oder jede jeden tag ein anderes gepäckstück, das es ganz oben platziert unsere beste jacken überprüfen.

4. Calvin Klein Men’s Packable Down Jacket

Calvin klein ventures into the practical winter wear arena with the packable down jacket for men. It has the eclectic styling touches you’d expect from a big name fashion house but never loses sight of its primary function: to keep you warm. Like all of the down jackets on this list it will do that and then some but unlike some of the others it will also win you major style points.

It slips on like a glove, has numerous zip pockets and comes with a nylon tote bag. Be sure to also check out our list of the best winter jackets for more great items like this.

5. Columbia Men’s Gold 650 TurboDown Down Jacket

Columbia checks in with a winner here. Their turbo down jacket is light, bright and warm as waffles. It features binding at the cuffs, a generous upright collar that blocks cold wind on your neck, has dual zippered hand pockets and an adjustable hem for when the temperature really drops.

Another great feature of the turbo down jacket is the water resistance that will stand up to snow and those light, cold drizzles. Check the rest of the columbia jackets in our extensive guide.

6. 2 Degrees Men’s Down Jacket

While there admittedly isn’t a lot of design wiggle room when it comes to down jackets 32 degrees manages to carve out a niche of their own with this minimalist beauty. It’s filled with 90% down and features dual zippered hand pockets just in case you forgot your gloves.

The upright collar keeps the wind off your neck and the simple, elegant lines make this down jacket great for the pizza joint or the opera. For those that like their fashion unembellished. Be sure to also check out our list of the best field jackets for more great items like this.

7. Tommy Hilfiger Ultra Loft Quilted Packable Jacket

Tommy hilfiger couldn’t resist wading into the down jacket pool and we’re glad he did because the results are as effective as they are compelling. Surprisingly the men’s ultra loft quilted packable jacket is also one of the more affordable on our list.

Go figure. The rich color helps brings some light to the winter season and the large zippered pockets acknowledge we carry around more stuff than our parents did. All in all a warm, well-built packable down jacket at a great price. Be sure to also check out our list of the best ski jackets for more great items like this.


8. The North Face Mens GOTHAM JACKET II

The next down jacket for men on our list is another from the north face. This time it’s their gotham jacket ii. The gotham jacket ii occupies a grey area between down jacket and down coat. It’s the kind of hybrid that will have you nodding your head when you see it.

It features dual side and breast pockets and an insulated hood with removable faux fur trim. It utilizes 550 down and does a great job as a windbreaker. Slip your hunting gps into one of those pockets and wear it into the wild.

9. Arcteryx Cerium SV Hoody

Arcteryx joins the down jacket free-for-all with this stylish, incredibly warm offering; the cerium sv hoody. It’s as light as a feather but durable and water resistant and has a tailored collar that’s second to none in the ultralight down jacket department.

This is a slick looking addition to your winter wardrobe and we mean that in the best sense. You’ll look as great as you feel wherever you go. Our handy guide to the best running jackets features more great products like this.

10. Rab Microlight Alpine Jacket

The microlight is filled with 750fp goose down for excellent loft and heat retention. The outer shell is ripstop nylon so there’s no worrying about small cuts taking out the whole jacket and there’s an insulated hood because after all, your head is going to need some love when the temperatures drop too.

Not the cheapest light down jacket on the list but worth the stretch if you can make it.

11. Rab Positron Jacket

This down jacket from rab takes a step toward being a down coat without ever completely crossing the line. The outer shell is made of 100% ripstop nylon and the insulation is lofty, ultra-warm 800fp goose down. There’s a generous sized hood with faux fur collar, “aquaguard” hand warmers in the side pockets and adjustable cuffs with velcro stays.

This is not only one of the lightest down jackets you’ll ever wear it may also be the warmest one in its weight class. Love this product? check out our review of the best carhartt jackets for our top picks.

12. Tommy Hilfiger Packable Down Jacket

Th is littered all across gear hungry, because to date, they’ve never failed to pack value and superior quality. Available in over thirty unique colorations, this comfortable packable down jacket does its best to retain a slim look, while protecting you from the coldest of nights.

The 100% nylon shell is weather resistant, and you even get a drawstring bag to pack the jacket in, keeping it safe from harm when you’re travelling down the hiking trail the next morning. Side entry pockets and a warm standing collar add even more to love, while the quality build keeps this machine washable, and retains its shape every single time.

13. Fjallraven Polar Parka

Here’s another down jacket that is every bit as much mens down coat as it is jacket. It’s a well-insulated, snug fitting, hooded piece of winter wear with enormous kangaroo lined pockets, an insulated hood with faux fur collar and attractive leather detailing.

Fjallraven polar parka is intended to fill the void between your standard winter jacket and your big time winter coat. There’s lots of storage space as we alluded to, and the shell is tough and water resistant. Just get a pair of good winter boots and you’re all set for cold days.

14. Rab Neutrino Endurance Jacket

Here’s another stylish and oh-so-warm down jacket from rab. The neutrino endurance doesn’t have much to do with neutrinos but does have plenty to do with keeping you warm. This jacket uses 800fp goose down, has aquaguard zipped pockets, a hood that zips to the chin and the whole thing can be easily packed away without compromising the integrity of the jacket or the insulation.

A great looking, ultralight down jacket for work or pleasure.

15. Outdoor Research Or Men’s Floodlight Down Jacket

Outdoor research pays a visit to our list with this floodlight down jacket for men. It features a 22d ripstop nylon shell that’s filled with 800fp high-loft goose down for incredible warmth. This is a waterproof down jacket that’s breathable and does double duty as a windbreaker.

It has a tailored look with a high collar, adjustable cuffs and a well-insulated hood. It’s a bit longer than some other down jackets for when the weather turns bone-chilling. You can even combine this jacket with ski pants if it is really cold outside.

16. Adidas Outdoor Light Down Jacket

Adidas is all about sleek style and proper function. They made this lightweight down jacket specifically with a boss look in mind, because let’s be honest: if you’re wearing this, you control the room and the attention. The exterior is crafted of 100% nylon plain weave, while the filling stays at 90% duck and 10% feather for a unique, insulated feeling.

As with most, this is super packable, and fits tightly enough around you that you’ll be wrapped in warmth from the moment you put it on until you take it off. One thing about this jacket is that when you’ve been wearing it for four or more hours and you take it off, you feel naked.

17. Brooks Range Mountaineering Down Jacket

The brooks range mountaineering mens mojave down jacket is another stylish down jacket intended for younger guys who like to make an impression while staying warm on the coldest days. It features adjustable cuffs with velcro stays, discreet zippered side pockets and a well-insulated hood.

800fp goose down is used to provide the extraordinary warmth and with its reflective ripstop surface you’ll make quite the entrance wherever you go. Our handy guide to the best windbreaker jackets features more great products like this.

18. Patagonia Mens Down Sweater Jacket

Patagonia mens down sweater jacket is a simple, almost elegant quilted down jacket intended for those days when a sweater isn’t enough but a coat would be too much. The 800fp high-loft down will provide all the heat retention you need while the windproof ripstop polyester shell will only enhance those warm, fuzzy feelings.

There’s plenty of room for your essential gear but don’t look for a hood as this is a true down jacket. And this is the reason we just love patagonia jackets.

19. Wiberlux Moncler Chauvon

Here’s one down jacket that will blow you away with its ability to keep you baking even when the river has frozen over. Wiberlux moncler chauvon does that by way of its piumino goose down filling, its wind-breaking ripstop shell and its polyamide lining.

It has a bit of a throwback air to it but don’t let that fool you. This is a state of the art light down jacket that will take whatever mother nature can throw its way. It’s also pretty damned expensive but if you can swing it you’ll have the warmest down jacket on the block.

20. ZSHOW Men’s Lightweight Packable Down Jacket

Rounding out this list of down jackets is the zshow lightweight packable down jacket. This one is a bit longer than other down jackets and a bit puffier too. But it’s a true jacket through and through. It has a stand-up collar that keeps the cold breezes off your neck, a tough nylon shell and 2 interior pockets for more sensitive items like cash and your phone or even your ski gloves.

The cuffs are elasticized and the whole thing can be packed down to practically nothing. .