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The Best Swiss Army Knife In 2019

Swiss army knife reached something close to iconic stature in modern western culture. By this we mean that everyone know practically what are you talking about when you say the words “swiss army knife”. I like it, generates all true iconic elements of the swiss army knife also has a number of imitators. Not only that, but it’s almost singlehandedly inspired multi-tool the entire industry.

1. Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife

La navaja de bolsillo victorinox swiss army classic sd es el día perfecto carry, apenas 2,25 “de largo de modo ideal para cómodamente ajustada dentro de un bolsillo. Con siete multi-herramientas altamente funcionales y deseables, que es ideal para que le acompaña en ‘aventuras de la vida.

Los sospechosos de siempre están a bordo, incluyendo un destornillador, tijeras, pinzas y, por supuesto, una cuchilla que en este caso, es 1,25. “” ‘es rentable, impresionantemente diseñado y viene en una amplia gama de colores desde el rojo clásico a un par de campamento diseñar opciones.

Duradera construido con acero inoxidable de fabricación suiza y una pulida caja de abs, está garantizado para durar toda la vida. Donde quiera que vayas, esta herramienta de bolsillo en miniatura se abrirá un mundo de posibilidades.

2. Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Knife

Huntsman has the classic profile swiss army knife and offers a range i can appreciate all properties dealer or do it yourself. Like the name he says it is to take an excellent choice with you in the natural environment and, in our opinion, it should be permanently hidden in your bug out this bag.

Victorinox swiss army knife huntsman has 15 useful tools including a large and a small shovel, standard and phillips screwdriver, scissors, can opener, pliers, wood saw and more. If this is an electrician, craftsmen, fishermen or hunters who want huntsman in his pocket at all times.

3. Victorinox EvoGrip 18

Another entry delémont collection victorinox evogrip 18 it offers both unlimited versatility of a swiss army knife expected and cutting-edge design and ergonomics that will allow you to discuss your sak experience. This is a beautiful piece of luggage every day with brand push forward the mango is oh so subtle, but oh so effective so that more force, bring to bear without much effort.

Available tools include 2. 5 “blade, smaller secondary leaf blade length, scissors with serrations, phillips screwdriver, reamer, openers and much more.

4. Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Multi-Tool Folding Pocket Knife

The classic compact and convenient sd victorinox is the perfect daily companion. Be developed slip discreetly and conveniently in a bag, it may be small in stature, but is reliable in performance and features 7 popular tools, a wide range of support positions versatile work around your house or warehouse.

High-quality swiss-made stainless steel blade is easy to use, and with a screwdriver and scissors also included in this popular and cheap knives, you can be sure, uncompromising accuracy, durability and quality.

5. Victorinox 54874 Trekker Swiss Army Knife

The molded handle 54874 victorinox trekker can you get a good strict control mode can rely on task and to achieve the best possible results. This is one of only a handful of swiss army knife, the dental one lock blade, so you can see who designed this knife keeping activities in nature in mind.

The blade is longer than most swiss edc knive pocket knife, but no more than the length of 4 “who the attention of officialdom. The thumb notch may also handed opening. In addition, there are blade screwdriver, a can opener, bottle and toothpicks.

6. Victorinox Pioneer Alox Swiss Army Knife

Swiss knife alumina pioneer is a winner in a pair of notches. Not only perform like a dream and has eight useful functions, but it also looks amazing with its elegant fluted silver housings and stylish. Looks modern and stylish and compact enough to appear on bag and carry as part of its essential elements every day.

With good company handle, safe and easy to handle, and is easy and well and balanced, so while you get a lot of work at home or in the field to, that you do not predominate. It is equipped with a can opener and screwdriver, stripper bottle opener and wire, so you really pioneer you can take be everywhere and be sure that you do not fail.

7. Victorinox Executive Swiss Army Knife

The board victorinox is the swiss army knife for the other half. Elegant, refined, sporting a well-designed minimum supplement high quality tools and matte black go with your business suit executive it is positive proof that practicality a transcendent principle.

While it a little longer than you’d expect from classic sak, is also thin which makes it easier in the pocket of his trousers to wear, without appeal attention. 10 tools is also considered good and a great small blade, scissors, nail file and orange peeler.

8. Victorinox Pioneer

Victorinox swiss army knife pioneer is an elegant and stylish looking sak is a great every day on your luggage and you will not free an arm and a leg. This is one of kompaktesten swiss army knife designed to fit perfectly in the pocket of his pants and silver shell is alox attractive and to get help in their ability to make a good firm grip.

Your so it does not tear or light through the bottom of the bag pneumatically if you keep it for a while over their heads. Find pioneer countless applications for edc swiss army knife around the house, camping or at work.

9. Victorinox Cadet Knife

The swiss army knife cadet is another compact victorinox offers. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in utility. The cadet has a full complement of tools that two “main sheet, a secondary sheet smaller screwdriver, bottle opener and stripper.

All they are forged from victorinox 1. 4110 quality steel guarantees strength and durability. Scales on swiss army knife cadet are black ribbed alox it offers an attractive appearance and a firm grip on any condition. A great looking little swiss army knife with a classic look and a lot of edc characteristics.

10. Victorinox EvoGrip 11

The evogrip is the result of collaboration between victorinox and wenger resulting in a range from victorinox saks calls the delémont collection. The handle has a smooth curve forward that bring little power to influence the task. What also adds grip rubber inserts allow firm grip will get regardless of the conditions.

Go beyond handle and find 9 features such as large and small blade reamer, can opener, standard screwdriver, and phillips and more. This it’s a swiss army knife for the future that those who should provide the satisfactory contemporary style.

11. Victorinox Explorer

The explorer is the swiss army knife most people probably expected if they think that they are going to buy swiss army knife. It has a number typical, useful accessories that are waiting for sak as the largest and most small knife, screwdriver, can opener, tweezers, toothpick and much more.

And there are also some to wear the unexpected as a hook packages and a magnifying glass. The magnifying glass has a number of possible to get machine applications to investigate the defects a good look to the letter and read more a small splinters.

12. Victorinox Signature Lite

A beautiful schweizeres pocket knife blue translucent with a handle camps another big step to the sak in the 21st century to bring signature lite swiss army knife is unlike any other you’re likely to see. Above the impressive standard feature set like a leaf, nail file and scissors will also find a retractable ballpoint pen and an amazing effective led flashlight.

Victorinox swiss army has a lot of appeal knives these days, but that may be the most beautiful his creations. Your amazingly this swiss army knife does not cost more than 2 or 3 times.

13. Victorinox Compact

Victorinox swiss army knife small compact is all that and much more 15, all functions in a shell packed on that is 3. 5 “long and just half an inch thick. They have all the typical things here and more, including a pin pressure to be written in almost any angle.

Your an impressive technical performance and an even more impressive performance when considering manufacturing cost low. There is nothing about compact possibilities that this knife swiss army and when using it in buckle belt or carry in your pocket you’ll be glad to have it.

14. Victorinox Swiss 53481 Deluxe Tinker

Here’s another classic design victorinox swiss army knife complete with red traditionalists will handle that – and all other values versatility in your daily luggage – smiling. Under hardened steel 16 tools are large and small blade, nail, wire strippers, screwdrivers, can opener, bottle opener, pliers (!), head phillips screwdriver and a lot more.

If you are considering a swiss army for all purposes knives should by finding 53481 deluxe tinker probably begins and then if not to your liking work on the scale versatility.

15. Victorinox Ranger

Messer schweizer armee zuletzt auf unserer liste ist die ranger hunter 58 victorinox. Dies ist jedoch eine andere sammlung unternehmen delémont tickets und tipps kapitalisierung leicht im multi-tool kostenlos design zu verlieren, was die sak so unverwechselbar und haltbar macht.

Es ist mehr als saks mehr, aber sie werden sie nicht mit der regel durch das 4 blatt verhängten in schwierigkeiten geraten ” die meisten gemeinden. Darüber hinaus ist es nur ein schönes stück der täglichen kit mit einer sägeblatt in voller länge gummieinlagen am griff hervorragender grip Öffner und zwei schraubendreher.