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Android Auto New Android 13 users are left driving alone due to a Google Assistant bug

What electronic gadget do you rely on the most that always breaks? For many of us, our automobiles are at the top of the list, and it seems like there’s always something that may go wrong with them. It seems as if the jinx has followed Android Auto, since every few months we hear yet another tale of a phone that refuses to work with a vehicle that is supposed to be compatible with Android. Some people are having trouble with the most recent update to Google Assistant.

When this bug appears, as an increasing number of Android users have found out, Assistant on Auto stops responding to the “Hey Google” wakeword. The functionality remains intact when speech input is prompted using the on-screen interface or a hardware button, however efforts to operate only through voice input result in either no response at all or a blank screen. There seems to be a pattern among these complaints, and it fits with the tiny but rising report rate, in that it mostly seems to impact phones that have been updated to now run Android 13.

Although Google seems to be aware of the issue, weeks have passed with no official repair. Positive response has been received on the recommendation that users should try uninstalling the Google app to revert back updates and then off auto-updating. That’s hardly the greatest way out of the jam, but it could be your only choice right now.

While investigating more complaints of this behaviour, another recently revealed Auto problem in which text-to-speech output was no longer accessible while receiving messages. Though it is unclear at this time, we will continue to look into both of these possible voice-related issues.