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Google considered purchasing a CPU startup that Qualcomm currently owns

Starting with the Pixel 6, Google has begun manufacturing its own Tensor processors in-house for the Pixel 7 and future Pixel phones. Unlike Apple’s highly tailored silicon, Google’s CPUs are built using industry standard components like Arm designs and Exynos modems. The business has made some remarkable advancements in TPU technology, but it seems that it also sought to acquire some further specialist CPU expertise but was unsuccessful in doing so.

The Information has published an article highlighting Qualcomm’s recent acquisition as Apple’s latest effort to increase its knowledge of central processing units. The chipmaker acquired Nuvia, a company founded by former Google and Apple employees. It seems that Qualcomm wasn’t the only corporation interested in the firm’s designs and know-how. It has been reported that tech giants including Google, Microsoft, and Intel have all discussed investing in the company.

Nuvia may have had a lot of potential for Google. While Apple’s A and M series of chips include some of the most efficient designs in the industry, Google seems to be just getting started with its Tensor chip project. While the company’s processors excel in the Pixel phone and Pixel tablet, they pale in comparison to the desktop-class CPUs offered by Apple, Intel, and Qualcomm in laptops and other larger form sizes.

Nuvia could have been useful in this situation. They specialise on high-performance yet energy-conserving desktop CPUs. Soon, presumably from the newly acquired firm, Qualcomm will produce a 12-core high-performance product meant to compete with Apple’s M1 processor. Having such a CPU in Google’s now-defunct Pixelbook series would have propelled them to the forefront of the Chromebook market and made Chrome OS a more compelling alternative to Apple’s macOS and Microsoft’s Windows. Google’s phones, in particular, may benefit from longer battery life if they were equipped with this kind of technology, which would be useful for any of the company’s products.