An fantastic new feature has recently been added to one of the finest password managers on the market

Users of password manager Keeper Security may now safely exchange data with anybody on a time-limited basis, according to the company.

Keeper One-Time Share is a new option for those of us who wish to send sensitive information to a friend, family member, or coworker without revealing it over email, text message, or other online communications.

The disclosure comes at a time when employee methods of exchanging sensitive information are causing a lot of anxiety. Most data managers feel that employee behaviour is more dangerous than external hackers and other harmful actors when it comes to protecting their highly sensitive data, a global poll by Western Digital showed.

How does this work?

Keeper Security tells us that One-Time Share links may only be accessed by the device of the receiver and expire at a time set by the user himself. Keeper Security.

Even if a user forgets to un-share a record, it will expire and the recipient’s access will be denied if they continue to use it on another device. Sharing data with non-Keeper users is also possible using this method.

You may also send One-Time Share by QR Codes, Airdrop, e-mail, SMS, or any other kind of out-of-band method you want.

For further protection, One-Time Shares seem to be device-locked, which implies that only the original receiver may access and decode the data.

Even if a third party clicks on the link or the user’s email account is hacked, the data cannot be decrypted until it is on the device of the original receiver.

A number of other companies are also releasing new password management tools for businesses.

This week, 1Password announced a new product that company believes would help companies enhance their entire security posture.

Data breaches, password vulnerabilities, and team use inside shared vaults can all be monitored by 1Password Insights, which also provides recommendations for next actions and allows employers to alert staff of data breaches.

For the time being, Keeper One-Time Share is accessible to all consumers (paid and unpaid) as well as businesses (including Business, Enterprise, and MSP plans).