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Alibaba changes its top executives in response to a cloud outage and US scrutiny

As competition in the public cloud hosting infrastructure provider industry heats up, Alibaba has announced a substantial reorganisation of its leadership team.

The business announced that Daniel Zhang, the current CEO, would assume the role of president of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

He succeeds Jeff Zhang, whose attention is shifting to the Alibaba DAMO Academy and other Internet of Things (IoT) projects.

Internet Protocol Addresses in the Alibaba Cloud

One of the worst Chinese data centre failures in recent history occurred recently when the company’s Hong Kong servers experienced a “severe outage,” knocking numerous services including the major crypto exchange OKX down for up to a day.

Moreover, Wu Zeming has been named chief technology officer (CTO), while Jane Jiang, one of the company’s co-founders, has been promoted to chief people officer (CPO).

Regular staff rotations, according to Alibaba, will keep the organisation nimble.

Zhang said to staff in an internal email, “We are more certain than ever that ongoing development is the key to tackling the difficulties we face today, as the nation enters a new stage of life with Covid and policymakers have provided direction to the future growth of the platform economy.”

Even while the firm is well-positioned for further expansion, Alibaba nonetheless faces a number of significant hurdles.

We reported earlier this year that the United States government was investigating Alibaba Cloud to see whether it constituted a threat to national security.