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According to a report, Apple changed its plans for the high-end Mac Pro hardware

Two years after Apple said that it will switch all of its hardware from Intel to its own Arm-based silicon, Intel is still powering the top-tier Mac Pro.

Apple’s 2019 Mac Pro desktop is the company’s last offering exclusively powered by Intel. Although its market potential is low, it is unique in having slots for up to 1.5 terabytes of RAM expansion.

There are no memory expansion slots in either the 2021 Mac Mini or the 2022 M1 Max or M1 Ultra Mac Studio, yet each can accommodate up to 16GB of RAM.

However, Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman now claims that feature modifications have delayed the Mac Pro, and he says that Apple has altered its plans for its high-end processors, the M2 Ultra and a double-M2 Ultra, which he dubs the M2 Extreme.

The M2 Ultra processor could use up to 192 GB of RAM and would have 24 processing cores and 76 graphics cores. According to Gurman, Apple is no longer developing the M2 Extreme, which was to include 48 CPU cores and 152 graphics cores.

He thinks the M2 Extreme Mac Pro would have a price tag of at least $10,000 before taxes and fees, making it a highly specialised product that wouldn’t be worthwhile to develop. The basic price of the latest Intel-based Mac Pro is $5,999.

“If it had been an M2 Extreme processor, the number of processing cores and graphics cores would have been doubled. The bad news is that Apple has probably abandoned that more powerful configuration, which will likely dissatisfy the company’s most picky customers like photographers, editors, and programmers “conveys Gurman’s words.

He believes the next Mac Pro will come standard with an M2 Ultra processor and will continue to let users to add memory, storage, and other components as needed.