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5 of the Best Cities to Find a Job in Robotics

Robots are becoming increasingly common in our daily lives, despite the fact that they have not yet taken over the world. Consider this: They clean our floors, manufacture goods that we use every day, trim our lawns, and some of them even act as pets!

Robotics is now a major component of many sectors, including healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, and construction. The sector has the potential to significantly improve people’s lives by improving efficiency and safety, as well as providing enhanced levels of service across a variety of industries.

There has never been a better time to get involved in this area. But where are the top locations for starting or boosting a career in robotics? Continue reading to learn more.

Tokyo, Japan

Because of its well-educated workforce, outstanding schools, and large customer base, Tokyo is one of the greatest locations on Earth to develop innovative robotic applications. Since the epidemic, the country has seen a rise in robotics. According to projections by the industry ministry, the market will increase from approximately ¥1 trillion in 2010 to around ¥10 trillion by 2035.

Top employer:

TeleLEXISTENCE, Inc. was established in 2017. The firm creates, manufactures, and manages robots that promote telexistence, which is the idea that people may work and communicate from wherever they are. They closed a $20 million Series A-2 financing round in 2021. Overall, the company has raised about $41 million since its inception in 2017.

Bristol, England

All around Bristol there are engineers developing world-beating technologies, from driverless vehicles to the most up-to-date in artificial intelligence. The city is home to a number of robotic firms, including Reach Robotics. Researchers at Reach Robotics are engaged on ground-breaking organic robots that can eat waste and produce power before decomposing in the field.

Top employer:

The University of Bristol’s Bristol Robotics Laboratory, founded in 2004, is the United Kingdom’s largest academic center for multi-disciplinary robotics study. It’s made up of a group of over 450 academics, researchers, and industrial practitioners from the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England at Bristol.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is the greatest city in the United States for robotics, according to a report by Forbes. After all, as a former world-leading automobile manufacturing center, it is only natural that it would be recognized for its contributions to the field. Of course, car manufacturing is an important component of robotics and this connection has allowed Detroit to develop into an unrivaled robotic hub. According to a study published in Robotic regions across the United States, Detroit has 66 businesses, putting it well ahead of the competition.

Top employer:

Robotics are manufactured in Auburn Hills, which is a worldwide supplier. In 2019, the firm opened a massive plant near Detroit, which measures 461000 square feet and houses engineering, product development, manufacturing, and warehousing departments for the company.

Paris, France

Paris is enthusiastically embracing robots and the potential they offer for the city. In fact, in 2019, one of Paris’ most famous landmarks, Notre Dame, was protected by a fire-fighting robot. Aldebaran Robotics and Blue Frog Robotics are two prominent robotics companies based in the city.

Top employer:

Wandercraft is a leading robotics firm based in Paris. This successful firm, which was founded in 2012, specializes on assisting wheelchair users in regaining their mobility by developing the first autonomous exo-skeleton. The company showed that persons with paraplegia may walk normally without crutches due to its product during clinical trials. They have received more than €20 million in investment so far.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston has long been a hotbed for robotics owing to its close proximity to MIT and other technical colleges. The influx of investors in the region is also responsible for the rise of robotics companies. In fact, Boston ranks third worldwide in terms of venture capital investment.

Top employer:

The American arm of the French cocoon builder Matternet is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. A company known for completely reinventing what a robot can and cannot do may not be ignored. For robotics enthusiasts, Atlas, their humanoid robot that could parkour in 2018, or Spot, their doglike machine that could perform tricks might spring to mind.