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ZeniMax, which is owned by Microsoft, has about 300 QA employees who are unionising

Three hundred quality assurance employees at ZeniMax Online Studios, the former parent firm of Bethesda and current subsidiary of Microsoft, are now in the process of creating a union. CODE-CWA, which has helped organise two unions at Activision Blizzard, is assisting the employees in their organising efforts.

“Today we, a majority of QA employees at ZeniMax, are delighted to announce the creation of our union with [CODE-CWA],” ZeniMax Workers United tweeted. We are the very first group of Microsoft employees to organise a union. Together with the company’s support, we are able to stand up for our rights and create a bright future.

It appears to indicate Microsoft is taking a “hands off” stance, while also noting the efforts Activision Blizzard, a prospective future company, has taken to obstruct the organisation process there. In fact, the CWA stated that Microsoft would voluntarily recognise the union if the majority vote was in favour of it in an email to The Verge announcing the union.