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Your Play Store downloads will soon be much easier to track

The Google Play system updates seldom include game-changing improvements. When they do, the Play Store and Google Play Services get better. App archiving, made possible by the Play Store, has just been added to assist us preserve space on low-cost phones, or re-allocate it if necessary. Moreover, Google looks to be preparing the groundwork for a much-requested floating app download progress bar.

There are currently three options for checking on the status of a downloading app. The download status can be viewed in a few different places: the app’s listing page, the notification shade, or the Pending downloads page in the Manage applications and device menu. Although many individuals do so, monitoring the downloads of many apps at once may be tedious.

While browsing for other apps, the Play Store is working on a pill-shaped bubble that will display the app’s download status. Desire a conversation bubble, the pill may be moved wherever you like. The download’s progress is shown by a circular bar that fills the screen while the programme icon in the centre fills with percentages. You can close the bubble by dragging its bottom right corner.

With the release of the Google System Update in November, Google also confirmed that app archiving will become accessible for all Android devices globally. It’s now being sent out to users’ devices. When you archive an app, it is removed from your device but its data is not lost. You may continue using it from where you left off after a reinstallation. Large programmes and games that don’t support cloud sync but which you might not require constant access to potentially benefit from this function.

While these updates to the Play Store aren’t quite game-changing, they might make managing a low-cost Android smartphone and keeping track of downloads a little less of a hassle, especially if you’d rather not delete any apps to create room.