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You have one more game on Stadia, and it’s from Google

There will be no more Stadia once Google finally turns down the service in a matter of days. In a decision that no one saw coming, the firm said last year that it would discontinue the cloud gaming platform, albeit it wouldn’t be shut down immediately. Games for Stadia have been released despite the arduous road approaching January 18th. Now, Google has launched the game that will serve as both the service’s last offering and a heartfelt farewell to its many devoted users.

Worm Game is the name of the game. According to Google, this title served as the platform’s “breadboard” from the time before its 2019 public release until the 2022 notification of the platform’s extinction. The game’s rough edges are indicative of the fact that it was never meant for widespread distribution.

It’s a new and improved version of the old school game Snake that can be played with controllers or keyboards. Campaign, multiplayer, arcade, and a fairly nifty custom level editor are the four play options. You shouldn’t expect it to be nominated for any Game of the Year honours, but it’s a fun distraction to play in the dying moments of Stadia. On Wednesday, March 20, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time, Stadia will be taken down permanently, joining the rest of Google’s failed streaming service.

We have some ideas on what you can do instead of using Stadia. Keep an eye out for a major upgrade if you own a Stadia Controller, which will enable you to use it with any console or computer, not just Google’s cloud gaming service.