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Xiaomi Electric Car Red Hot Rumors $38,000+

In September of last year, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun got people quite enthusiastic (on Twitter) about the possibility of soon having another inexpensive electric car option. A Xiaomi EV (electric car) for around $20,000 was said to be on the way in 2024.

Recent speculations have mentioned a starting price of$38,000, with higher prices for more elaborate configurations. That’s quite a hike, but it makes sense if we’re talking about a sedan (codename Modena) designed to compete well with vehicles from Tesla and others.

What battery and engine choices will be available and how well made the vehicle will be are also unknowns at this time. Xiaomi has proven time and again that it can create high-quality technological items at affordable prices. We can’t write out an EV product just because they’ve already broken into the market with a wide range of other consumer electronics.

The potential for greatness is high if this thinking can be applied to electric vehicles. However, we’ll have to wait and see because EVs, unlike many home goods and even smartphones, are still the topic of active study.

Electric vehicles are still a relatively new product, but the market is rapidly evolving to the point where new entrants may enter and produce a vehicle using primarily established designs thanks to the streamlined supply chain.

The speculations of a 400V or 800V battery appear plausible, however we’re not sure if Xiaomi will actually have both Qualcomm and NVIDIA (Orin X) CPUs as has been speculated. Recent claims about the device’s specs have been backed by reports that a prototype, draped in fabric, has been spotted near Xiaomi’s R&D facilities.