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Wonder Woman gets Mordor’s best feature and we’re excited!

Following up on its previous project, an open world Wonder Woman game, developer Monolith has resurrected. The company is perhaps best recognized for its work on the F.E She’s regarded as a symbol of feminism and peace by her supporters, both in the comics page and beyond. And there’s more: Diana will be using the Nemesis system, a dynamic gameplay mechanism first seen in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

We know almost nothing about Monolith’s Wonder Woman game outside of a short teaser trailer and a few minor, yet telling details regarding what sort of game we may anticipate when it debuts at The Game Awards 2021.

First and foremost, we know that Wonder Woman is likely to be an open-world action game. But the real treat is that Monolith is resurrecting the great Nemesis system from the Middle-earth games, which made them so enjoyable to play.

Sauron’s Uruk-hai army was the focus of the Nemesis system in Middle-earth games. The menu would show all active captains, commanders, and generals of the force as well as any that were concealed until you’d slain a specific type of Orc or gathered enough information in the open world.

That wasn’t even the best part. If you managed to kill one of Sauron’s loyalists – and luck was often important since these games were difficult – other Nemesis entries would respond. This might be represented by another taking over their role, or competing for your blood by actively seeking you out on the globe.

That’s the thing about a game like this: You never know who’ll show up next, and what might happen as a result. It may be both amusing and intimidating to see foes you thought you’d slain re-face, or discovering an absurd character has somehow climbed the ranks. So we’re eager to see Wonder Woman’s system return after so long in Monolith games because its potential can only improve.

Who is Wonder Woman’s Nemesis?

The Nemesis system, of course, requires a set of strong nemeses in order to function. And Wonder Woman is acquainted with a few. Ares, the God of War, may be one of Diana’s most hated foes. But we must also assume that we’ll see cameos from other famous Wonder Woman villains like Cheetah and Circe.

In the Lord of the Rings games, the most powerful Uruks were at the top of each step, so we believe it’d be great to see a list of Wonder Woman (or DC in general) antagonists leading from on high. This could lead to a variety of enemy types and climactic confrontations against a range of well-known foes.

In any case, we’re ecstatic to see the Nemesis system return, since it genuinely outshone the games for which it was created. We’d want to see similar dynamic systems introduced to more open world games, because it adds excitement into a genre that may otherwise be perceived as barren and dull.