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With the aid of this tool, you can Twitter follower lists

However chaotic Twitter may be, it still has a strong pull on its users. A lot of people may have gone to Mastadon, but those who stayed behind probably still want to make the most of the bird watching opportunities. A new feature called “Prune your follows” will help you organise your timeline if you find it to be overly congested.

Overpopular accounts are those with the most followers, underpopular accounts have the fewest, overactive accounts tweet often, and inactive accounts are hidden from view (accounts that tweet only a few times a year). If you decide an account is no longer interesting to you, you may quickly and easily remove it from your list of followers. Through the app’s side menu, you can also view the whole list of accounts you’ve unfollowed.

Queen Raae, a programmer located in Norway, explained through Twitter Direct Message that she created Prune your following after hitting Twitter’s follow limit.

After nearly 16 years on Twitter, I finally reached the 5000-follower limit, and I had a hard time finding an account to unfollow. You can only see the most recently followed accounts at the top of your Twitter feed. She said, “I decided to make something for myself.”

Although useful, it is constrained by Twitter’s own API requirements. An app can let you unfollow people at the rate of 50 every 15 minutes, or 500 in a day. Even if the app reaches its limit, you may still unfollow people on Twitter by going to their profiles and clicking “unfollow.”

Raae has indicated that she is trying out new combinations of capabilities in order to get over this barrier. Site-wide counters or staggered access to the resource are two options. She’s also thinking of incorporating a tool that would allow users to create lists of their favourite Twitter users. If they decide to unfollow those accounts later, they may simply access that list on Twitter and do it all at once.

She also mentioned that the early adopters have requested more criteria, such as the amount of interactions with that account and a list of accounts that don’t follow them back. In addition, Raae mentioned that a custom filter might be implemented in the future, allowing users to do searches such as “Show me all web3 profiles with less than 3000 followers.”

Twitter’s API might be modified to address some of these concerns, but under Elon Musk’s leadership, the business has cancelled a number of developer-focused projects, such as Twitter Toolbox. This month, Amir Sheva, the business’s previous head of the developer platform, left the company. He said that just two persons out of a staff of one hundred working on Twitter’s developer platforms were still there. Since it’s more likely that platform regulations may be tightened rather being relaxed, you should probably take advantage of this app while you still can.